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17 and on Drugs! Billie Eilish – xanny Lyrics Meaning

Billie Eilish – xanny Lyrics Meaning

‘xanny’ is Billie Eilish’s third track off her studio album ‘WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’. Let’s go through the lyrics of ‘xanny’ and find out the meaning behind the lyrics of the song by Billie Eilish.


Considering her age, the songs in this album are pretty jaw-dropping. The second song ‘bad guy‘ is so explicit that even Billie herself is scared of the reaction she’d be getting from her mother after the release of the song.

The seventeen years old talks about the irresponsible drug overuse. The song sounds like an introspection of a drug addict in Billie Eilish’s eyes. ‘xanny’ is a reference to Xanax, which is a prescription drug used for anxiety treatment and is popularly known for its recreational use.

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‘xanny’ Lyrics Meaning

While the singer might be trying to throw shades at possible drug addicts, she might as well have had certain thoughts about trying certain drugs for recreational purposes. In the lyrics of the first verse of ‘xanny’, Billie Eilish shows the temptation that goes into people’s mind before actually using the drug.

We can see the indecisive human brain in the first verse of the song. In her introspection, the character of her story doesn’t want to take the drugs. However, at the same time, the temptation kicks in and s/he wants cigarettes to forget about Xanax.

Even though s/he is on cigarettes, it doesn’t wipe away the temptation of Xanax from his/her body. But the character is trying so hard to fight off his/her temptation that s/he is smoking cigarettes and drinking Coke while avoiding Xanax simultaneously.

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What else?

Furthermore, Billie says the drug addicts are failing socially. They are late to every parties and no one even cares about them. These people wake up with headache every morning.

The drug addicts have hard time memorizing both small as well as major events of their lives. Most importantly, they repeat the same mistake over and over and they tend to put all the blame to the circumstance.

Billie Eilish clearly isn’t fond of people who are into drugs. She doesn’t want someone being romantic when he is high due to substance abuse. The singer tends to stay away from people that don’t take care of themselves.

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