Beyonce – Formation Lyrics Review & Lyrics Meaning. Is It Talking About Black Lives Matter Movement or Feminism?

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Beyonce – Formation Lyrics Review & Lyrics Meaning Beyonce had dropped a classic album, Lemonade, in 2016. However, the album was not released in all the music streaming platforms. In 2019, Beyonce dropped her old classic in every music streaming platforms and her album is definitely crawling through the playlists of people. One of the […]


Eminem – Mockingbird Lyrics Meaning

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Eminem – Mockingbird Lyrics Meaning The meaning behind lyrics of Mockingbird by Eminem is intensely sad. It is one of his least violent songs for the record. The words in this song are so beautifully carved that many listeners tend to cry when they really focus on the words used in this song. Read the […]


Billie Eilish – wish you were gay Lyrics Meaning

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Billie Eilish – wish you were gay Lyrics Meaning The exact meaning of the lyrics of the song ‘wish you were gay’ by Billie Eilish is complicated to figure out. is a sad song that tries to give us hindsight of one-sided relationship. Billie tries her best to make everything alright with her crush but […]