Coming out to the Sky (Short Fiction)

Coming out to the Sky

We know nature in a nutshell. Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. We know the general idea of how nature works. But there is so much more in nature than just what everyone knows. Some days we do not see the sun early in the morning and we put our opinions like “It’s cloudy today” or “the day is going to be gloomy” forward. I believe the patterns of clouds in the sky mean a lot more than just a natural phenomenon.

I go to the rooftop of my house every evening just to see how clouds are functioning. The cloud and the sky are in touch, they can experience and understand each other metaphorically. It happens often and it’s well accepted by other natural phenomena. However, sometimes one block of cloud joins another block of cloud completely ignoring the sky. Then we begin to observe disturbances in nature.

We can see the other angry clouds furiously punishing these two clouds, particularly those who happened to form their own coalesced structure, even bigger, better and stronger than that of before. They are hit by lightning, they are crushed by their own kinds, they roar and tremble to create uneasy environment even for the people living on earth who enjoy the drama no matter what.

Similarly, other blocks of angry clouds join the drama and then try to wipe out all other clouds whose stories are similar to that of the clouds I visualize every evening. Their blood comes off like rain on the earth and human beings seem to enjoy this phenomenon a little more than other natural phenomena. Maybe human beings have tendencies to get excited on the pain inflicted on lovely natural clouds by their own kinds just because they weren’t attracted by widely stretched, curvy and beautiful blue sky.

Every day, the sky uses the sun and the moon for its natural needs. Of course, it is true that the sky revolves around the sun and the moon but you should as well acknowledge the fact that the sky has two faces and keep it in your subconscious. It revolves around itself faster than it does around the sun and the moon.

The sky is used to getting the sun and the moon on a daily basis but the clouds that are fighting for the sky are not even aware of the fact that they are just wasting their time for something that they can never get in their lifetime. Eventually, they fight each other to the point that they don’t even realize that they are just clouds until both “normal” and “abnormal” clouds die for nothing. But oh does the sky care? Maybe not because the sky always has the sun to kiss it good morning and the moon to kiss it a good evening.

But not every day is going to be a good day and not every day is going to be full of blood. There are highs and lows in nature as well. Sometimes even though two blocks of clouds come together, other clouds literally do not care and start hanging out. Sometimes the other clouds even incorporate the sky, the sun and the moon, to be happy in unconditional love between these two clouds.

No matter what, those two kinds of clouds will always form in nature. Nothing will ever be able to change the nature of the clouds formed in nature. Just like there is not a single drop of water that you can drink from the ocean, it is hard for such clouds to find their own kinds in the atmosphere filled with billions of other blocks of natural clouds. Always be grateful for what you have and who you are.

The blocks of the clouds looked as if they were imitating the Gryffindor symbol. The scenario was so vivid that it had almost portrayed two fierce, red and unscared lions that were about to pounce on all the wrongs happening on the Earth. But the rays of the Sun that were providing all the energy to these clouds like a ‘Gryffindor Sword’ to look fierce actually began to drive them apart. The subtle swiftness caused by heat from the Sun upon these clouds resulted in rupturing of their original structures.

Moments later, the Sun laid back to rest. The clouds now look fierce no more. They look weak, vulnerable and meaningless. Their existence does not scare anyone, no one cares about them now. For instance, I was clicking pictures of the red and fierce looking clouds over and over again. But after I spotted the weaknesses in them, I stopped clicking their pictures. All I wanted to do was visually immerse myself into the ongoing scenario, which after it lost its peculiarities, is of no interest to me anymore.

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