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DJ Robin & Schürze – Layla: Lyrics Meaning In English Translation

DJ Robin & Schürze – Layla Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of ‘Layla’ lyrics by DJ Robin & Schürze is that the song is about a beautiful lady whose name is Layla. It is one of the Schlager songs for German people on a vacation in Mallorca. As we read the lyrics, we can find that ‘Layla’ lyrics are not too deep but they are indeed very catchy. Everyone gets on to sing the song together as it’s easy and fun. As the popularity of the song rose, it became controversial as people began to see the lyrics as “sexist”.

‘Layla’ by DJ Robin & Schürze means flirting with a beautiful woman whose name is Layla inside a brothel. The song is intended to be harmless, fun, and cute for the listeners.

Introduction: Layla Lyrics

Many fans have said that Layla lyrics by DJ Robin & Schürze comment on women being objectified in the chorus section of the song. However, in the music video, a man is playing the character named ‘Layla’. This is purposely done to prove to the listeners that the intention of the song is not to bring sexism into it. DJ Robin himself says that the song is not about the sex workers but about the brothels. They even tried to justify their lyrics by saying every other German rap lyrics are worse than that of Layla’s.

Neulich in der Stadt stand da ein Mann
Er schaute mich sehr glücklich an
„Hey, komm mal her“, sagte er zu mir
„Das ist mein Laden, mein Revier“
„Mein Junge, ich hab’ ein Geheimnis für dich“
Was er von mir wollte, wusste ich nicht
Ich sah nur das Grinsen in seinem Gesicht
„Was ich dir sage, glaubst du mir nicht“

Lyrics to ‘Layla’ by DJ Robin & Schürze

Layla Lyrics Meaning Translation

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Layla’ by DJ Robin & Schürze translation in English line by line in detail.

When was Layla by DJ Robin & Schürze released?

‘Layla’ by DJ Robin & Schürze was released on the 25th of March, 2022.

[Intro/ Refrain/ Bridge: DJ Robin & Schürze]

The controversial part of ‘Layla’ lyrics is in these sections. A catchy repetition ‘Layla’ goes throughout the intro section. In the bridge section of the song, Layla is called beautiful and every person claims her to be theirs. There are different refrains. Every refrain has a common set of a brothel. The refrain part of the song repeats that Layla is beautiful, prettier, and younger. This is the most catchy part of the song and people absolutely love it.

[Verse 1: Schürze & DJ Robin]

In the first verse of ‘Layla’ lyrics, Schürze & DJ Robin talk about a man they found in an unnamed town. He was very happy to see the artists. Then, he began to talk about his shop in the area. The man created an aura of mystery amongst the artists before disclosing his secret. They did not know what he wanted from them. But they kept listening to him only to find out that he owns a brothel where Layla is the most popular person.

[Verse 2: DJ Robin & Schürze]

DJ Robin met the same man who Schürze had encountered in the first verse. He persuaded DJ Robin to listen to his story only to reveal that he runs a brothel in the city. “Das wollte ich aus der Nähe seh’n” translates into “I wanted to see that up close”. DJ Robin wanted to visit and see the place up close. When he entered the place, Layla was standing there waiting to greet him. The ‘Layla’ lyrics “Geile Figur, blondes Haar” mean “Great figure, blond hair” in English.

Conclusion: Layla Meaning

The meaning of ‘Layla’ by DJ Robin & Schürze is centered around one attractive woman who works in a brothel and whose name is Layla. Every visitor loves her. She is shown as the main attraction to the place. Since the song has been controversial, the music video of the song portrays a male as Layla just to clear up that the artists are not promoting ‘sexism’.

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