Unbelievably Funny Ariana Grande Dad Jokes on Reddit That You Must Read

Unbelievably Funny Ariana Grande Dad Jokes on Reddit That You Must Read

Funny Reddit Ariana Grande Dad Jokes

Ariana Grande is one of those artists who are at the peak of their careers at the moment. However, being a good singer seldom gets you away with people joking about you. Ariana Grande has been able to accumulate a ton of funny dad jokes on Reddit following a ton of scandals and concert mishaps. The extremely witty Reddit community is obviously not giving a pass on their creativity. Following the recent 2020 Grammys Awards snub and the joke made by Eminem with no consideration of Ariana Grande Manchester concert bombing, the puns about her are flying.

Funny Ariana Grande Dad Jokes From Reddit

Let’s read a few of the funny dad jokes about Ariana Grande that are referenced from the super creative Reddit r/Jokes community.

Ariana Grande is successful and …

I love her songs a latte, but her sister, Ariana Venti, is taking off to be an even massive hit. This is because she is merely tall-erable.

For dumb or foreign folks out there, these are references to Starbucks, her height, and her annoying high pitched voice. Keep on reading the these jokes that I’ve collected from Reddit below, just for you.

What name would you give to a fat Ariana Grande?

It’s not uncommon to picture a fat Ariana Grande, especially as she ages and is set for retirement. I’d very much like to call her a Grande Ariana. What would you call her though? Let us know in the comments section below.

Were You at the Ariana Grande Manchester concert?

People were saying her performance blew them away. I’m really not an Ariana Grande fan but I’ve heard her concerts can be pretty explosive. However, do you know what really happened there? My best guess would be Ariana Grenade was used in between the concert. Sorry, not sorry. The concert was a blast!

Do you really know Ariana Grande and her jokes on Reddit?

I heard she is “big” in Mexico as well as in Starbucks. These are just plain simple facts. Get your IQ up people.

When Ariana Grande is at Starbucks:

Have you ever wondered what would the conversation between Ariana Grande and Starbucks barista look like? Someone on Reddit has pictured this extremely funny Ariana Grande encounter with the barista.

Barista: How do you take your coffee?

Ariana Grande: Too seriously

Ariana Grande was left in tears over the Manchester bombing …

Then everything went bang bang. Likewise, her fans were in bits. But the irony here is real. I had thought she had no tears left to cry.

Conclusion: Ariana Grande Dad Jokes on Reddit

People seem to have been stunned by how decent she was when she had played the Imitation game on Jimmy Fallon show while ignoring the fact that she imitates Mariah Carey for a living. We will be updating more jokes about Ariana Grande like this here. Meanwhile, if you’re scared off by Coronavirus infection, here are your jokes. Have fun! Oh and, we have Kobe Bryant’s as well.

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