Funny Reddit Coronavirus Infection Jokes With 26 Racist Meme Pictures

Funny Reddit Coronavirus Infection Jokes With 26 Racist Meme Pictures

Funny Reddit Coronavirus Infection Jokes With Racist Meme Pictures

‘Coronavirus’ has scared off the whole world and oh no don’t you dare try to get away with your scared feelings. You know you might be the next target. Even though the situation isn’t funny, a few psychopaths like me are willing to make jokes out of such situations. Simply put it this way, enjoy these jokes without calling me out for my racist stance on the subject matter. I’ve selected a few of the best Coronavirus infection jokes and meme pictured from Reddit that are so offensively funny that they might make you feel infected, and are a little racist! There is my personal encounter with the suspicion of Coronavirus which I’ve mentioned at the end of this blog post.

Coronavirus is everywhere. Every news outlet is talking about Coronavirus all the time. Following the constant buzz all over the media, you are probably scared and “sick” of it. Regardless of your particular situation, we have collected every funny Coronavirus meme that we can find on Reddit. Whether you are an optimistic person or a pessimistic person, keep your opinions with yourself and enjoy these memes while you can. You’re lucky that you haven’t been infected yet! I’m joking, obviously.

Funny Coronavirus Infection Racist Jokes From Reddit

The Coronavirus infection outburst in China is resulting in contagious skepticism that the spreading disease could transpire in a widespread epidemic. It started with feasting on a bat. I was simply wondering did those people not find anything else appetizing that they had to settle with A BAT? For these reasons, it is common to see that every Coronavirus meme is dissipating just as rapidly as the infection itself.

Let’s select a few of the funny jokes and a few meme pictures about Coronavirus Infection that are referenced from the super creative Reddit r/Jokes community. A handful of these jokes indicate that the response of the media outlets to the outbreak of Coronavirus infection has been exaggerated or just frantic. While, additional Coronavirus jokes pictures calmly wait for the climax of death to arrive, rather willingly with a wedge of lime. It could be Lyme as well, I won’t even complain.

Apparently, Eminem is rumored to be diagnosed with Coronavirus

Eminem knows exactly how it feels like to be infected with Coronavirus.

When do the Coronavirus symptoms begin to show up?

Right off the bat

What Goes with Coronavirus?

This might tick a lot of people off. Apparently, some people have been browsing Google or reading some news to catch a glimpse of a doubt if you can get infected with Coronavirus from Corona beer! A girlfriend even threw away every bottle of Corona beer that she had purchased with the fear of the virus. Interestingly, Boing Boing has reported that questionings for keywords such as “Corona beer virus” have erupted recently.

But guys, the Coronavirus infection is not dispersed through Corona beer news. However, Coronavirus goes pretty well with Lyme disease. To all the beer freaks out there, I’m sorry, I had to include this here. For the dumb folks, here is an explanation. Corona is the name of a beer as well and it’s commonly consumed with a slice of lime. The chuckle is really communicable, stay aware. You might pay the price for this!

Can people stop making racist jokes about Coronavirus Infection?

It’s getting annoying at this point. Every Television network, the news, everybody, and everyone is talking about Coronavirus. It’s to the point where my own boyfriend doesn’t want to kiss me anymore and throws a lot of satires instead. Can everyone just stop making Coronavirus infection jokes? I’m actually getting sick of them. The Corona beer brand presumably yearns for this entire Coronavirus infection thumps over or else their prominence in the market is wrecked. Not that they care about it. But their sales will exponentially decrease.

My Friend Jokes About Coronavirus infection & takes a racist turn

I had recently visited Nepal to participate in their “Visit Nepal 2020”. When I was getting ready to leave the country, only a week before my departure date, Coronavirus spreads like wildfires in China, slowly spreading to the whole world. For obvious reasons, I was a little scared to pass through the terminals of the airport in Nepal.

As my luck stands against my will all the time, I saw a group of Chinese tourists who had just entered the country. My reflex action immediately pulled out the mask while looking into their eyes and I WORE MY MASK to respond to the situation. The traveling companion of mine immediately pulled his trigger card and called me racist. My response to his aggression was “IT IS WHAT IT IS, BABY, it’s CORONAVIRUS INFECTION, my actions aren’t even any JOKES!” Stay safe, people.

Coronavirus won’t last for long

We all have used and experienced Chinese products. They are as fake as “Kylie Jenner’s self-made Billionaire” status and the news about Coronavirus infection is exactly the same. Given the chronology of the durability of the Chinese products, Coronavirus isn’t set for its prolonged life. Don’t worry people, Coronavirus infection is a joke that will go away pretty soon!

But guys, be aware of this epidemic:

Xi Jinping Is inf**ted by Coronavirus

Now, he is called Winnie-the-flu. By that I mean, You mean Winne-the-Ahh-Choo!!! I understood that a lime wedge was the antidote to this virus. A bullet is a remedy to everything, yet there is no sign of any progress. What a shame! I had to censor the word “infected” so that the search engine wouldn’t misunderstand into actually thinking the Chinese President is in trouble. While making jokes about Chinese manufacturing Coronavirus, I might lose my source of income with an accusation of promoting fake news. Gotta protect me from the flu as well as from my visitors.

Logan Paul has joined the “Corona” party

With all of them donning gas masks, Logan Paul captioned on Instagram: ‘F**k the corona virus’. This legendary guy is never too late for another scandal. He is now planning to gain attention for his boxing match by fueling up people with anger that don’t like Coronavirus jokes.

Coronavirus Jokes With Racist Meme Pictures Reddit

Happy Mag says, “I don’t know about yours, but my social feeds are tainted with adhesive jokes about Coronavirus infection involving Corona Beer, unwilling subjects, fake news, and second-hand humor”. These news articles are the reasons why our page is no longer available on top of Google when you search “Coronavirus Jokes” or “Coronavirus Jokes or Meme Pictures”.





As many news outlets have reported, Coronavirus has become a matter of racial discrimination in the form of jokes, these are what we’ve found on the web. Mashable writes a news article against this while its URL has keywords such as “Asian”, “Chinese eat bat”, etc. The hypocrisy is real! Admit it, Mashable, you just want the clicks. It’s so stupid.























Conclusion: Racist Coronavirus Jokes Reddit

Sure, it is fun to make jokes about popular topics such as Coronavirus which comes to us every once in a while. This happens especially when the media hypes it up to its core to get a ton of clicks online. However, it is equally important to be a little sensitive regarding such topics. Follow every suggestion by the World Health Organisation (WHO) about how to protect yourself from Coronavirus. Being a little sensitive sometimes can really pay off.

Coronavirus infection emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has a population of 11 million people. The whole city is currently quarantined. However, the jokes about Coronavirus infection arose in the brains of very witty people that are looking for a way to let go of their own fears. We shouldn’t be so quick in judging the intentions of people who crack such jokes in an instant, except for the people like Logan Paul.

Stay safe y’all! Despite the fact there are way too many meme pictures and jokes about this ongoing Coronavirus epidemic, it’s not a bad thing even though the media outlets are making horrible news about it. People should be allowed to get creative. I mean, if I caught Coronavirus, I’d throw it back. I had to put in one of the Coronavirus jokes here cause there was no place for this in the article above. Basic Life Support, people!

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