Funny Reddit Earthquake Dad Jokes Will Shake Your Mental Balance


Funny Reddit r/Jokes Earthquake Jokes Will Shake Your Mental Balance

Our home, Earth, gets desperate for attention sometimes. It feels so privileged that it shakes itself up due to which several people die just so as to get attention. This action is called “Earthquake” in a fancy way by the intellectuals. Sure, it’s sad as well as a very scary moment. But since you losers are here to laugh out loud so as to avoid the fear of aftershocks, I’ve made it easier for you by collecting funny jokes about Earthquake from Reddit r/Jokes. Take a cover, stay safe, and at least smirk if you are experiencing an earthquake right now.

Funny Earthquake Jokes From Reddit r/Jokes

Let’s select a few of the funny jokes about Earthquake that are referenced from the super creative Reddit r/Jokes community.

What did one Earthquake say to the other Earthquake?

We love to speculate crazy stuff sometimes and some of you might have at least thought of two Earthquakes having a conversation with one another. One Earthquake would probably say “it’s not my fault” and give a confusing look with two hands flying by the ears. This joke trembled me really badly.

What do you name a cow during an Earthquake?

With no further bustle, I’ll just give you guys the answer. It’s ‘a milkshake’. Now, I’m crushed by cow legs instead of the buildings. I’m simply speechless by this funny Reddit joke about earthquake.

Are Earthquakes caused as punishment for our actions on Earth?

It’s common to hear people explain these so-called Earthquakes are being inflicted by the anger or as retribution for how we have been behaving in our life. I reckon every such assumption is wrong. It is actually the San Andreas’s fault.

What did the Earth say to the Earthquake?

Forget about the conversation between the two Earthquakes. What would Earth say to the Earthquake? It would probably say “I apologize, that was my fault“. I can’t even imagine being this funny and creative at the same time. Jesus! Too many things on my plate to handle.

What is it called if someone is killed by an Earthquake?

It’s unfortunate that people die because of an Earthquake. The funny Reddit jokes about dying due to an Earthquake aren’t funny. I don’t feel as if you recognize the magnitude of the circumstance here. But seriously, if you really think about it, is it murder by default? I’m just saying.

Which animal should you take shelter with during an Earthquake?

You might have your beloved pets and you might want to consider the fact that they might be as worried as you are. But should you care about your pets? All your dog is going to do is bark and all your cat is going to do is meow. But the horse, guys, if you take shelter with a horse, you might be safe. Why? Well, their houses are stable. It’s as simple as that. But you might say “Neigh” and I’ll still consider being with my horse.

Are Earthquakes depicting my sex life as one of the jokes?

Sometimes, my sex life feels as if it’s similar to Earthquake. It lasts less than a minute and it keeps you thinking about WHAT JUST HAPPENED. It’s just one of the ways by which life works.

But have you really heard one of the funny jokes about an Earthquake from Reddit?

There are a ton of puns and jokes made out of Earthquakes. But are you missing one of them? Well, I’ll leave you this funny Earthquake joke from Reddit with a hint. It’s ground-breaking!

Conclusion: Funny Earthquake Reddit Jokes

If you’ve laughed at these jokes, make sure to come back to our site the next time. This time we have funny jokes about an Earthquake from Reddit and there are still more to come. Keep the shakes away and protect yourself! Meanwhile, read the jokes I’ve collected about infamous Coronavirus Infection. Do not rumble with fear and anger.

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