Funny Reddit Kobe Bryant Dad Jokes Threats So That He Rests In Peace

Funny Reddit Kobe Bryant Dad Jokes Threats So That He Rests In Peace

Funny Reddit Kobe Bryant Jokes

Everyone knows Kobe Bryant, the player, the legend, and TMZ was the first portal to report on his death before his own family did. The frustrations are real even though the “scammys” at the Grammys somehow managed to acknowledge the situation. If you are a famous person who died with his daughter in a helicopter crash, you’re likely to get a pass on years of sexual misconduct allegations. To add more to it, you’ll be prayed for as though you are God. Regardless of what has happened, we are deeply feeling sad that this happened to Kobe Bryant. So as to make your mood lighter in this sad moment of his death, we have collected funny jokes about Kobe Bryant from Reddit.

Funny Kobe Bryant Jokes From Reddit

Let’s read a few of the funny jokes about Kobe Bryant that are referenced from the super creative Reddit r/Jokes community.

What’s the difference between Kobe Bryant and Time?

We all know Kobe as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Sure, avoiding all the controversies surrounding his name, his performance in the game was extraordinary. He was always seen to have been trying to be the best solo basketball player there ever was. Now, I believe Kobe Bryant has ultimately learned how to pass which time knew better way before.

I used this joke in a group with my friends and now they don’t talk to me. My Reddit addiction is real and it’s really showing. But really, Kobe Bryant traveled too much anyway.

What do you say after you throw something?

It’s not uncommon for you to throw something as a person. You’ll be throwing many things here and there all the time. There are a few funny jokes about Kobe Bryant on Reddit. But if you are a basketball fan, you cannot simply throw out the things that you don’t want and walk away. There are some rules that are mandatory to follow after you throw something that enters the trashcan or dustbin. YOU’VE GOT TO say “KOBE!” after you throw away things. It’s a tradition that you shouldn’t forget if you really want to remember Kobe Bryant as a legendary basketball player.

What’s the difference between Kobe Bryant and Jeffrey Epstein?

Only two 13-year-olds went down on Kobe’s chopper. It was a rough landing and he blew it. But wait, weren’t there three 13-year-olds? Who cares? The more the merrier!

How do we know that Kobe Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter got a bad academic result?

Dads are known for their toughness and masculinity along with immense love for their children only in one condition, i.e. whenever their children can make them proud. But as Kobe Bryant discovered his daughter’s report card, he grounded her for life. That’s how you know that she was barely passing her tests. I’m so ashamed for even laughing at funny jokes like these about Kobe Bryant from Reddit.

Conclusion: Funny Reddit Kobe Bryant Jokes

Departing from your home and returning back safely is awfully an underrated boon. Rest in peace Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and all the passengers on board. Even though he was a good player, he was not much of a human being. But still, the death of someone who has influenced millions of people is definitely not a small feat. If you get away from this offensive post, read the jokes that we’ve collected about Coronavirus Infection from Reddit. Instead, if you want to add more to the funny jokes about Kobe Bryant that wasn’t available on Reddit, please leave us a comment.

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