[Last Update: 11th October 2019, 12:48 A.M., EST]

Currently, we are providing a platform for the content writers who are always writing but do not make much. Therefore, we are here to provide a fair opportunity to the content writers so that they can work on a contract/incentive basis. The terms and conditions will be listed below:

  1. Proficiency in English
  2. Taste of literature and modern music
  3. Willing to provide knowledge about the songs to the general public
  4. The payments are not made on a salary basis. You will get 73% of whatever revenue your content makes from the internet within a month. Meaning, if the content makes $35 in a month from one post, you’ll get $25.55 from it. If you write six posts that will give you $25.55 each, you will get $153.3 for that month. The rest 27% goes to the maintenance of the website, i.e. web servers, income taxes and technicians. Payments are made after your revenue threshold crosses $100. However, you will have no restrictions on the amount of money you are able to earn in a month. The more revenue your content generates in a month, the more you earn. The total amount to be paid is calculated at the end of every month and if your earnings cross the threshold amount, your payment will be on its way.
  5. Your earnings for this month will be wired to you within the first week of the next month. For example, if your threshold of $100 crosses during the month of October, the payment will be made within the first week of November.
  6. You get the freedom to work, no pressure, work anytime, from anywhere, and get almost all of your revenue. It’s a great opportunity to start generating passive income for your retirement.
  7. We DO NOT provide Roth IRA or 401(k) benefits.
  8. Applicants from all over the world are invited to work with us.

The earnings on your end will be less for the first three months since you will have less number of articles to give views to your content. However, after you have accumulated at least 100 blog posts on a searchable niche, your income will be steady. Dedication is a must here. Then, you can increase your income from our website faster since our algorithm accounts for the promotion of users who have more number of articles.

The vision of my company is to scale up while providing a chance to earn what the amazing content writers deserve, at the same time! I was doing alright for myself from this website. However, I thought, I should think bigger and give people a chance. Then, I came up with this brilliant idea of giving people a chance to make fortune by writing, which, of course, many of you already know, is hard.

Treat this website like YouTube. You provide your content, you earn from your content. It takes dedication and patience to work with us. The only difference is YouTube takes 45% of your revenue while we are giving you 73% of the revenue you earn on a monthly basis. The more content you keep us posted, the more traffic from your profile to Laviasco, and hence more revenue on your end.

Let’s grow Laviasco and let’s earn money together! Also, let’s start making our passive incomes with our passions together!

If you are interested and if you wish to know how payments are made, click the link below to contact us directly.

Click here to contact us if you are interested in the content writing jobs. Cheers!

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