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Lana Del Rey – Venice B***h Lyrics Meaning


Lana Del Rey – Venice B***h Lyrics Meaning 

Venice B***h is the second single released by Lana Del Rey for her upcoming album. The song is written by Lana Del Rey and Jack Antonoff. Read the article below so as to learn true meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Venice B***h’.

[Verse 1, Part I]

On this iconic Lana Del Rey song, she mentions the album “Fear Fun” by Father John Misty. Misty is seen together with Del Rey since she released her fourth studio album, Honeymoon. John Misty is a co-star on music video of the sixth track of Honeymoon, i.e. “Freak”. Del Rey is suggesting that she is always ready for her sexual satisfactions even though she is trying to be emotionally and mentally strong for her potential lover.

[Verse 1, Part II]

Lana is fond of ice cream which she refers to as v****a. But she is not a pretentious high school student who changes her heart in every two days and calls herself emotionally unstable and still be fond of ice cream. Del Rey is indicative on the fact that she loves diamonds and diamond lovers are usually cold in nature. In most of the cases in Hollywood, ‘Ice’ is mentioned to represent diamond and the aesthetics that come along with it which of course includes cold nature of a person.

Her expensive taste of life includes luxury of jeans and leathers. Even though she is emotionally unstable most of the times, she is positive about life. She believes life is a world of fantasy and is not real. In this unreal world, Del Rey claims that she is of sweet and charming nature for her lover.


On chorus of her song “Venice B***h”, Lana Del Rey indicates that she is thinking about all the good times that she had with her lover. She is trying to approach her lover in a cute way like a puppy saying “It’s me, your little Venice B***h”. B***h is wordplay to the word “beach”. Venice Beach is a landmark located in Los Angeles, California. Lana Del Rey is ready to shoot her potential threats before commencing her romantic life.


Del Rey likes to light up the cigarettes whilst her lover is in the yard. She has taken a reference from Robert Frost’s poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. ‘Nothing’ represents something beautiful, perfect and dearer than your life which lasts forever. But as the charm of summer fades away and even after your life from human form is gone, those embellishments and luxuries will stay forever on earth. Lana Del Rey is extremely proud of her nationality.

We can take reference from her hit singles “Ride”, “American” and “National Anthem” to prove that she is extremely proud of her country. Robert Frost and Lana Del Rey, both are American born. Frost is a writer and Del Rey is an artist who tours around the world. Even though Lana is very beautiful, she doesn’t think she is beautiful. She considers herself of rather crazy mentality.

[Verse 2, Part I]

Lana Del Rey wishes someone to give her either a Hallmark greeting card or a role of an actress on new Hallmark movies. She wants someone to make her happy as well as someone to make her sad as ‘blue’ usually represents sadness.

[Verse 2, Part II]

Lana Del Rey mentions Norman Rockwell on her lyrics. Rockwell was an American author. Del Rey doesn’t want attentions and hypes about her secret relationship with her lover. She wants her relationship with her lover to be secret and perfect.

[Bridge 1]

Lana Del Rey expresses her sexual desires over words on her lyrics. You can almost feel that on her official track. She wants to sign off or pause her life and enjoy moments with her loved one just like we sign off from social media to go out so as to interact with nature.

[Verse 3]

We can get vibe of “Lust for Life” audio on this section. Her lover is back in town. That is why, she wants him to come over to her place so that they can hangout, feel each other’s presences and have fun.


[Verse 4]

Lana Del Rey is portraying the picture of herself being with her lover at the place she likes. Apparently, the garden is her favorite place. She is imagining herself high on some drug which hasn’t been mentioned on lyrics. Her excuse is her age. Her maturity lets her do anything she wants.

It also shows that she is free, which is what she has been proving to us since the beginning of her career. As mentioned above, she loves diamonds. She has taken reference of “Crimson and Clover” from a song of the same title released by Tommy James in 1968.

[Bridge 2]

[Guitar Solo]

[Bridge 3]

[Verse 4]

[False Outro]

She might be suggesting that she is listening to ‘Crimson and Clover’ on repeat mode with her lover at her favorite place.

[Guitar Solo]


Lana Del Rey admits that she would be jealous of her lover if he did not belong to her.

What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of Venice B***h?

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