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shadowraze ‘astral step’ Lyrics Meaning English Translation

shadowraze – astral step Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the Russian Lyrics of ‘astral step’ by shadowraze is to escape from stars resembling the steps in English translation. Here, shadowraze is summoning a void spirit in a hope that the spirit would take him away from the misery on the earth. The singer wants to escape reality in such a way that he cannot be traced from anywhere in the world, no matter what.

“Им не найти меня, я скрылся” translates into “They can’t find me, I’ve disappeared”. “Я пропавший в dissimilate” means “I’m missing in dissimilate” in English.

Introduction: astral step Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘astral step’ by shadowraze is highlighting existential nihilism. Here, the band is trying to get their point across as nothing matters. While we will be on Earth doing everything we can for survival in loneliness, shadowraze want to be with their non-existent friends, ghouls. They fantasize about travelling faster than light in the lyrics. The end goal is to escape the civilisation on Earth.

Им не найти меня, я скрылся
Я пропавший в dissimilate
Я не оставлю им и следа
Из ниоткуда выйду в late

Lyrics to ‘astral step’ by shadowraze

astral step Lyrics Meaning Translation

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the Russian song ‘astral step’ by shadowraze translation in English line by line in detail.

[Intro: Void Spirit/ Interlude/ Bridge/ Outro]

The interlude of the song mentions a famous strategy game, Dota. Here, shadowraze tells us that people are driving to the theme rap song of Dota. A ‘quasar’ is a remote celestial body with a huge amount of energy that appears to be starlike. Interestingly, ‘astral step’ means a pathway made up of objects that appear to be stars. The singer is going to move forward in the very path.


In the chorus section of the song, the artists talk about arranging the quasars as steps to “fly straight up”. The song says that we humans function with the dream of success. This is the only idea applied to us since our evolution. While we are focusing on becoming successful, shadoraze are preparing themselves to leave the Earth with the help of the tunnel light and to never be found again.

[Verse 1]

A “glaive” is a sword. While the artists escape the Earth, they want to get rid of a few of their body parts. They are thinking of an extreme such as travelling at the speed of light. Thus, they feel faster than everyone else. At the end of the first verse, they claim that they endured ‘astral step’. After they used this path to go into space, they suddenly find themselves hanging out with ghouls while laughing at the loneliness of people on Earth.

[Verse 2]

Now, the ghouls cannot be trusted either. Therefore, the ghouls are destroyed while the artists were dodging their attacks. They mention currencies such as the Ruble and Peso. The ruble is the currency of Russia and the Peso is the currency of the Philippines. Then, shadowraze claim that they don’t have enough Horse Power (HP). However, they have all the energy to feel and run like a Tesla car does. They give a shoutout to Tesla as well.

Conclusion: astral step Meaning

‘astral step’ by shadowraze means to escape civilisation on Earth with the help of illuminating stars which show the steps as a guide. The song is about leaving the misery of Earth on Earth and exploring a different dimension of the universe. This is how the artists want to feel fulfilled in their lives. “Я не оставлю им и следа” translates into “I won’t leave a trace for them” in English.

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