The Weeknd – Initiation Lyrics Meaning (SHOCKING!)

The Weeknd – Initiation Lyrics Meaning (SHOCKING!)

The Weeknd – Initiation Lyrics Explained

The meaning in the lyrics of the song ‘Initiation’ by The Weeknd shows a twisted plot. It is one of the darkest songs by The Weeknd. His dark aesthetics of creepy sexual fantasies, free life, emotions, emptiness and cold-hearted attitude towards everything have been able to build up a strongly dedicated fanbase. The Weeknd’s nihilistic approach towards life makes it easy to move on from almost anything, whether it be from a toxic relationship or from any traumas in one’s personal life.

The meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Initiation’ by The Weeknd might shock a lot of fans but hey you are not the only one! Read the article below to read the hidden meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Initiation’ and get ready for jaw-dropping twist plot.

[Verse 1, Part I]

The song ‘Initiation’ starts off with a girl enjoying her night full of luxury with her idol, The Weeknd. Everything around her is imported. The night looks so wild that there are branded liquor, weed, cigarettes, and drugs everywhere. The Weeknd is giving instructions to the girl on how to live a lavish life. He wants her to know his favorite orders so that she can bring him his orders without him telling her to do so every single time. But the point of the night is totally different than what it seems to be.

[Verse 1, Part II]

The girl is so faded by all the drugs and alcohol that she is taking the lead on The Weeknd’s body. But she doesn’t remember the objective of her night with the crew of The Weeknd. He is warning her that she could die if she decides to become lousy after all the party instead of working on her objective. The Weeknd tells her that she could be all his only after she completes her mission for the night. The mission is designed for the enjoyment of the crew of Abel by Abel.

[Verse 1, Part III]

The setup for the girl to complete her mission looks well thought out and planned on purpose. The Weeknd assures the girl that she is the only one working the night shift on that day for his crew. He tells her she will get everything the night has got to offer and she won’t even have to wait for the party to reach its peak. She is already blacked out which means she cannot look at the clock and check the time. The blinds have been shut down so that the party would continue all night for the crew of The Weeknd.


The girl clearly loves The Weeknd. She was there for him. But The Weeknd brought her as his lover just to gift her to his crew. Her mission for the night is to satisfy everyone in Abel’s crew and protect herself from dying. The guys can kill her if she fails to satisfy each and every one of them. Only after she completes her mission, Abel will take her to his home (probably a rented place for the day) and let her rest. But before that, she’s got to meet his boys. She’s got to ride out for them.

[Verse 2, Part I]

The Weeknd wants to have a small time with the girl all by himself when everyone in his crew is high. He doesn’t want anyone else interrupting his moment with the girl. The girl might have been wandering around his room and looking at the words scribbled all around the room. He tells her to ignore everything that’s written on the wall and tells her to close the door properly before taking her clothes off for him.

[Verse 2, Part II]

The singer is surrounded by drugs and alcohol because of which he had been zoning for almost a week. He is suffocated by the smoke accumulated in the room as there are no windows open. However, he doesn’t want to get out of the room and get fresh air. He’d rather concentrate on breathing than to leave the party. The side effects of the drugs he’s on are very unpredictable making it even harder for the girl to protect her life in a potential murder house that she is in at the moment.

[Verse 2, Part III]

Here, the girl seems to be ready for the night for more liquor, drug, sex and a lot of money since Abel makes it clear that she won’t get out of the room alive until she satisfies everyone by her body. However, he makes it look as if the girl is free and she is doing everything in her own will but in reality, it really isn’t the case. She is in the trap of The Weeknd and it is not easy for her to escape it alive.


On this hook, Abel reminds her that she can only be his if and only if she makes everyone in his crew happy. For that, she has to meet a lot of his boys. She can take anything she wants to prepare herself for the night and forget the pain that is about to come. The Weeknd suggests her that it is easier for her to pass the night if she gets too high.

[Verse 3, Part I]

Now it is the initiation of the party. The girl is showing off her stamina for her life and for the bag of money that she is promised. As everyone else in the room is faded, she should be the one to roll the weed, make them smoke it, and then give her body to them. She should work hard, really hard to get Abel’s attention.

[Verse 3, Part II]

The Weeknd is showing the possibilities for her to be with him by seducing her by his words. But so as for her to get his body, she should give herself to everyone in the room. The Weeknd is making the girl take more drugs and alcohol to ease her pain since the party is already on its initiation. He tells her that it is only for a night and everything in her life will come back to the normal state from the next day.



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