Hidden Meaning Behind The Lyrics of ‘bad vibes forever’ by XXXTentacion Revealed!


XXXTentacion – bad vibes forever Lyrics Meaning

Late XXXTentacion still has a lot of unreleased singles. His label is trying to sell off his music as fast as possible when he is still relevant in the music scene. The rapper enlists the help of PNB Rock and Trippie Redd for his posthumous album Bad Vibes Forever, which is the title of this song as well. This is the third song released from the project till the date. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Bad Vibes Forever’ by XXXTentacion.

Even though Jah isn’t here with us anymore, his legacy of sad moody mumble rap is still relevant in hip-hop. A lot of things he had worked on, almost complete ideas, weren’t finished. Most of them had one verse and a hook or only a beat. He was still able to turn short music into a mainstream sensation in the streaming world despite the controversies surrounding his name and his music.

Introduction: bad vibes forever Lyrics

XXXTentacion had become a household name for domestic violence issues. However, the appearance of the abused girl on his previous release, HEARTEATER, was a little unjustifiable. It seems she was using her identity to play as a victim in exchange for a few bucks. I find it pathetic. Regardless of the motives behind her appearance on the single cover, the fans seem to have well received the case.

Even though the case of domestic violence was over his head, he was still a good human being at the core of his heart. He was used to donating to children’s hospitals and many other charities when he was alive. In the song, he addresses his extreme emotional swings. The rapper tries to put blame on his domestic violence-related actions on his pride. Just to put things on a perspective, Kendrick Lamar has clearly shown how dangerous one’s pride can really be.

bad vibes forever Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘bad vibes forever’ by XXXTentacion section-wise.


The song initiates with a chorus from XXXTentacion. He wants us to know that our work ethic should either be motivated by your pride or there shouldn’t be a work ethic at all. The rapper knows his actions don’t match with his words and his fans keep rolling their eyes on him. But whether or not his fans take him seriously, he just wants them to feel the vibe as no one is perfect. People should understand that he is only human and his actions can sometimes get a little out of control.

[Verse 1: Trippie Redd]

The first verse of the song is backed up by Trippie Redd where he supports the idea of Jah to work with pride. He can be extremely self-centered and can waste other people’s time until he gets what he wants for him. The rapper just wants people to stay around him. All he wants is them to spend a moment with him. Redd doesn’t want them (especially the girls) to run and stray away from him.

[Verse 2: PnB Rock]

In the second verse of ‘bad vibes forever’, PnB Rock gets emotional in his lyrics. He says he can barely control himself when his love interest is burning his heart. It’s hard to fight for oneself when the person you love the most takes your heart until there is nothing worth fighting for. His heart is stolen by someone who doesn’t care about him. But the other person doesn’t want to give him his heart back either. He has lost a sense of himself and there is no stress as he can’t feel anything. Rock is in love with his crush and with everything that she does.

Conclusion: bad vibes forever Meaning

XXXTentacion seems to be defending his actions from his new song saying he is only human. He was on his way to the redemption phase until his last day on Earth. The rapper has lived his whole life with ‘bad vibes forever’ belief. I believe we should truly forgive him and see him as a troubled individual who is no longer with us and let him rest in peace. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘bad vibes forever’ by XXXTentacion? Let us know in the comments section below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Bad Vibes Forever’ by XXXTentacion on Genius in detail.

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