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Maybe every blogs in the entertainment field look alike. However, we are all about uniqueness and creativity. We try to provide you the meanings of different lines used in a song, platform for fictional stories, and news from the music industry. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to contact us.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and we have our own story. The founders of this company share a similar interest in blogging, freedom of speech and online marketing. We created this premium website from our bedroom in 16th of December, 2018 and we are up and live. Find more about us through our blogs.

Meet the Team

The founders of this company think that the future is the World Wide Web (WWW). This is a small approach of founders to make the presence of this company on the internet. We love the internet and if you are reading this, we should presume that you love the internet too. Laviasco is here to connect with your creativity because we are trying to inspire creativity from across the world!

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Please email us requesting a quote or for business. You can also suggest us songs that you would want to read about from writer’s point of view.

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