About Us

Laviasco.com, under IKM Holdings LLC, is all about uniqueness and creativity. We try to provide you with the meaning behind the lyrics of a song, and news from the music industry as soon as possible. At Laviasco, we make references to our articles from Genius.com, Wikipedia.org as well as other highly authoritative and trustworthy websites to check the facts. We always present truthful facts with radical transparency for our visitors.

Our Approach

The visitors can trust the facts presented on the site. However, the visitors should understand that when we are interpreting the songs, the meaning behind the lyrics can be opinionated to the imagination of the respective writers. The lyrics of the song should be free for interpretation. Nevertheless, the facts mentioned at Laviasco.com are always correct.

Our Promises

Laviasco.com fights for media transparency and for the imagination of the writers. You can expect the following things at Laviasco.com:

  1. The unbiased meaning behind the lyrics of the songs
  2. Truthful facts cited from highly authoritative websites as mentioned above
  3. Analysis of various angles of the songs and their music videos
  4. News of the song releases

If you are looking for the correct facts and the proper interpretation of the lyrics for the songs, then Laviasco.com is the perfect website for you.

Rebranding Update: 25th July 2020

We are always looking for better ways to connect with our customers/ visitors who are curious about learning the meaning behind the lyrics of the songs. While we were examining research conducted by Harvard University pertaining to the relationship between mental health and music, we found an interesting concept for our business.

We will try to speculate on the lyrics and understand the psychology behind the lyrics taking references from authoritative websites such as Psychology Today and Psych Central. Then, we try to relate it to our visitors as to why they like the song so much. This is how we want to stand out against our competitors in 2020. Further updates on the branding of our website will be listed below.

Rebranding Update: 7th October 2022

We do not wish to speculate on mental health issues. So we are terminating our ‘Psychological Lyrics Meaning’ segment. However, we will discuss the depths of the emotions present in the songs. Everything we put on our website is entertaining for the readers. They won’t have to go to other pages to look for answers.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and we have our own story. The founders of this company share a similar interest in blogging, freedom of speech, and online marketing. We created this premium website from our bedroom on the 16th of December, 2018 and we are up and live. Find more about us through our blogs.

Note: We are running the website under a Wyoming-based US company “IKM Holdings LLC” than from the founder’s personal name.

Founder: Mr. Suraj Marahatta (2018)

The founder of this company thinks that the future is the World Wide Web (WWW). This is a small approach of the founder to make the presence of this company on the internet. However, he prefers to stay anonymous on the internet. We love the internet and if you are reading this, we should presume that you love the internet too. Laviasco is here to connect with your creativity because we are trying to inspire creativity from across the world!

Meet the Team

Our team with their designation at Laviasco.com is mentioned in the list below:

  1. Caleb Hughes: covering song lyrics meaning analysis,
  2. Jared Wood: reporting the news from fictional stories such as TV Series and movies,
  3. Isabella Simpson: assuring the grammatical accuracy of the uploaded posts and covering trending topics.

If you wish to contact our team, contact us on Twitter @laviasco or send us an email at lavishfiasco@gmail.com.

Your Money Disclaimer

The site is monetized with Google Ads. Laviasco.com, under IKM Holdings LLC, does not sell any products on its site. The website Laviasco.com does not ask for credit card information from visitors.