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Taylor Swift’s “Maroon” Lyrics Meaning


Taylor Swift – Maroon Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the “Maroon” lyrics by Taylor Swift is the color red represents pure love and the color maroon represents complexities. “Maroon” is the second song from Taylor’s 2022 album, Midnights. The release date of the song is the 21st of October 2022. ‘Maroon’ color is not a pure red color. It is a brownish-crimson color. But the color red is purely red. ‘Red’ represents fictional burning and exciting love. But ‘Maroon’ represents a shade of love based on reality with complexities.

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Official Lyric Video of “Maroon” by Taylor Swift

Maroon Lyrics Meaning

The “Maroon” lyrics by Taylor Swift talk about her characterization of her romantic relationships by shades of the color red. In her 2012 lyrics of the song, Red, she described the color ‘Maroon’ as a contagious and robust type of love. Such relationships sow seeds of never-ending memories as they often end without closure. The line-by-line analysis of the meaning of the lyrics behind the song “Maroon” by Taylor Swift is below:

“Maroon” by Taylor Swift means out of many shades of the color red representing love, she is now comfortable with the ‘Maroon’ shade.

[Verse 1: Taylor Swift]

When the morning came
We were cleaning incense off your vinyl shelf
‘Cause we lost track of time again
Laughing with my feet in your lap
Like you were my closest friend
“How’d we end up on the floor, anyway?” you say
“Your roommate’s cheap-… screw-top rosé, that’s how”
I see you every day now

Verse 1 to “Maroon” Lyrics by Taylor Swift


In the first verse of “Maroon” lyrics, Taylor Swift talks about how she fell in powerful love with Joe Alwyn. She describes one morning when they were cleaning incense off their vinyl shelf. Their connection is so powerful that they lose track of time when they are together. The friendship between Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift seemed as though they were each other’s closest friends. It developed into love and then into a relationship. She mentions ‘rosé’ which is a reference to her 2020 album, Folklore.

[Chorus/ Bridge/ Outro: Taylor Swift]

And I chose you
The one I was dancing with
In New York, no shoes
Looked up at the sky and it was
The burgundy on my t-shirt
When you splashed your wine into me
And how the … rushed into my cheeks
So scarlet, it was
The mark thеy saw on my collarbone
The rust that grew bеtween telephones
The lips I used to call home
So scarlet, it was maroon

Chorus to “Maroon” Lyrics by Taylor Swift

And I wake with your memory over me
That’s a real … legacy, legacy (It was maroon)
And I wake with your memory over me
That’s a real … legacy to leave

Bridge to “Maroon” Lyrics by Taylor Swift

It was maroon
It was maroon

Outro to “Maroon” Lyrics by Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift says she chose Joe Alwyn to be her partner in the first line of the chorus of “Maroon” lyrics. Alwyn radiates his energy towards her as the maroon shade of love, which she finds irresistible and mature. “Rust that grew between telephones” means the stain brought up by their long-distance relationship. Since the color ‘maroon’ represents complexities, this love leaves imprints in her mind. Those imprints are what she calls “a real legacy” in the bridge section.

[Verse 2]

When the silence came
We were shaking, blind and hazy
How the … did we lose sight of us again?
Sobbing with your head in your hands
Ain’t that the way … always ends?
You were standing hollow-eyed in the hallway
Carnations you had thought were roses, that’s us
I feel you, no matter what
The rubies that I gave up

Verse 2 to “Maroon” Lyrics by Taylor Swift


In the second verse to “Maroon” lyrics by Taylor Swift, she discusses the “complexities” of her relationship with Joe Alwyn. After a powerful friendship and closeness, the inevitable silence came. They both were busy cutting their losses. However, Taylor Swift recognizes this pattern and she doesn’t let this relationship simply go away. She reckons they lost the direction of their relationship. But she loves him more than ever and is willing to take risks of wandering without direction with her love.

Conclusion: Maroon Meaning Taylor Swift

“Maroon” by Taylor Swift means understanding the complexities of relationships are inevitable and fixing them immediately. The song is more mature because she introspects her past and understands the patterns in romantic relationships. Now, she is more aware of what to expect in love. Previously, she used to believe the pure shade of love, red, is what she wants. But as time passed by, her understanding of love changed to see and accept the complexities (maroon) of the relationships.

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