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What Is the Meaning of the “Lemon Tree” Song by Fool’s Garden?


“Lemon Tree,” written by Volker Hinkel & Peter Freudenthaler, is a song released on the 4th of December, 1995. It is the third song from Fool’s Garden’s 1995 album, Dish of the Day. The meaning of “Lemon Tree” lyrics by Fool’s Garden is the death of Peter Freudenthaler’s girlfriend as her car collided with a lemon tree. This song is about a girlfriend who didn’t return even after her boyfriend, Peter Freudenthaler, waited for her the whole Sunday afternoon. I see this song going viral on TikTok as “Lemon Tree Dance Challenge.” I have embedded the Official Music Video of the song directly from YouTube below. You can listen to Fool’s Garden’s “Lemon Tree” below.

“Lemon Tree” was released in April of 1995 in the USA and in October 1995 in the UK. But it only became an international hit in 1996 and remained number one in Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland for several weeks. In Germany, this song was number 5 even at the end of 1996. “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden was certified gold in Austria, France, Sweden, and Switzerland. Also, it was certified platinum in Germany and Norway. More than a decade later, in 2009, Fool’s Garden re-recorded this song for their 2009 album, High Times – The Best of Fools Garden. The Official Music Video of the song that I have embedded below was released on the 25th of March, 2017.

Official Audio of “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden

What Is the Meaning of the “Lemon Tree” Song by Fool’s Garden?

The meaning of the First Verse of “Lemon Tree” lyrics by Fool’s Garden is Peter Freudenthaler’s explanation of the tragic death of his girlfriend. As he was waiting for her on a rainy Sunday afternoon, he felt like he was doing absolutely nothing. I say that he was bored without her presence. He understands he is wasting his time but there is nothing he can do about it. This is because he describes his situation as “nothing ever happens,” which means his life lacks excitement and change. All he was doing that day was waiting for her.

In the Second Verse of the song, the singer, Peter Freudenthaler, talks about driving without a destination. I see his fast driving as a metaphor for his desire to escape with the hope of changing his point of view. He is lonely as he waits for his girlfriend’s return. But she doesn’t come to him. In the Bridge section of the song, Fool’s Garden’s singer, Peter Freudenthaler sings, “Isolation is not good for me // Isolation, I don’t want to sit on the lemon tree.” Here, he acknowledges that isolating himself as a coping mechanism is not helping him move on from that tragic accident. Also, I see this as his insinuation that he doesn’t want to sit on the lemon tree contemplating the accident.

The meaning of the chorus of “Lemon Tree” lyrics by Fool’s Garden is Peter Freudenthaler feels bitter, just like how lemon tastes. I can confidently say that this bitterness comes from the horrific accident his girlfriend faced upon hitting a lemon tree with her car. She couldn’t survive the accident. “The blue sky” means feeling happiness and joy. Everybody only talks about how great life is and they only look at all the happy and good things in life. However, the reality is all we can see and experience are lemon trees. “The lemon tree” means bitterness and sourness, just what lemons taste like. He’s looking for a way out of his sadness by “turning his head up and down.” Instead, all he sees are more lemon trees. He can only see the reasons why he is sad.

In the Third Verse of the song, Peter Freudenthaler expresses grief and how he felt after his girlfriend’s tragic death. He feels powerless as he lost the person he loved at the time. Even though he wants to clear up his head by taking a shower, his thoughts are clouded by sadness. As he feels tired, he tries to sleep but he is unable to even take a nap. Then, the fourth verse introduces the concept of a “desert of joy.” Here, he says he even though he will find someone else (I’ll get another toy), it won’t be the same person the singer loved. His newfound joy won’t be able to make him as happy as he was before. Hence, he calls it a “desert of joy.” Read the original lyrics of Fool’s Garden’s “Lemon Tree” via Genius.

Context of “Lemon Tree” Lyrics Meaning by Fool’s Garden

The song “Lemon Tree” by Fool’s Garden is about heartbreak and sadness, with two powerful metaphors: the blue sky and the lemon tree. Here, “the blue sky” means happiness and optimism, which contrasts with “the lemon tree” which means bitterness and sadness. The singer’s French girlfriend met with a tragic death in a car accident as she collided with a lemon tree. Now, the blue skies that once represented their promising future now represent a deep-rooted sadness. Peter Freudenthaler struggles to move on and feels stuck and isolated. The phrase “desert of joy” reflects his current emotional state.

However, if the girlfriend’s death is an urban legend, the song is about a breakup, where Peter Freudenthaler seeks happiness again. The lyric “anyhow I’ll get another toy” suggests relationships are games for him that are replaceable.

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