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What Does “Fortnight” by Taylor Swift & Post Malone Mean?


The meaning of ‘Fortnight,’ an archaic English term, is ‘fourteen nights’ which Taylor Swift & her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, spent separately. Many news portals mention the new dating life of Alwyn after 12 days of breakup with Taylor. Hence, her frustration directly hints at her ex as well as at the title of the song. However, her short-lived relationship with Matty Healy cannot be ignored as the song’s topic. Also, Post Malone is featured on the ‘Fortnight’ song released on the 19th of April, 2024. This is his first collaboration with Taylor Swift.

What Do ‘Fortnight’ Lyrics by Taylor Swift & Post Malone Mean?

Taylor Swift is notoriously famous for writing about her ex-boyfriends. She begins the first verse of “Fortnight” lyrics by referring to the third verse of her “Hits Different” song. Here, she says she was supposed to be sent away but they forgot about her and didn’t care. As the days went by she turned into a properly functioning alcoholic but she was ignored. Then, she points her finger at her ex-boyfriend, either Alwyn or Healy, for leaving her in such a situation.

As the song progresses to the Chorus, she mentions how things turned sour with her ex. The conversation was seldom limited to weather. Then, things went so bad that she was jealous of her ex’s new partner watering plants at his house. To add salt on top of the wound, she was still his neighbor. She extras this frustration at the Bridge of the song, where she says, she loves him and it’s ruining her life.

Post Malone joins Taylor Swift in the second and third verses of ‘Fortnight’ lyrics. He says his life goes on without the weekends, from Monday to Friday, and repeat, without Saturday and Sunday. Posty feels like he is stuck in February as he numbs himself with recreational substances. In the third verse, he says his lover doesn’t pick up his calls despite promising her a new car and life in Florida.

Meaning of Fortnight Music Video

As we watch the ‘Fortnight’ music video, we are greeted with a theme of old radio that’s not tuned properly. Then, the slow and haunting audio captures the sentiment of Taylor feeling unwanted around her lover. She appears in a white wedding dress on a small metal bed without a mattress floating above the ground with black and white visuals. Then, her maid enters the room with what appears to be ‘aspirin’ labeled upside down, ‘Forget Him’. As she takes the pill, her chains unlock and she wipes her face in front of the mirror, revealing the tattoos from her painful past.

Official Music Video of “Fortnight” by Taylor Swift and Post Malone

At the 01:10 timestamp of the music video, Taylor Swift’s dress transitions from white to black as she enters another room. She sits in front of her typewriter across Post Malone where he is also typing on his typewriter. As their respective typewriters type out the song’s lyrics, Taylor’s typewriter releases the ‘Sunset’ color while Posty’s typewriter releases the ‘Smokey Light Blue’ color. Then, they are together on a side profile of Taylor painted on the road with open dark clouds hugging each other and complimenting each other’s voices as the lyrics they’ve typed out circle them around.

The progression of the music video changes Taylor Swift as a patient in a lab with doctors around her tracking her brain signals at 02:34 timestamp. Post Malone is one of the doctors. Suddenly, the lab faces technical difficulties and Posty immediately unplugs any electrical connection to Taylor. At 03:13 timestamp, Post Malone is inside a stranded phonebooth with the atmosphere around him dark, rainy, and haunting with Taylor sitting on top of the booth. Then, Taylor enters the room with typewriters and throws her lyrics around and her lyrics float around her as she stands still. She destroys the mirror where she reveals face tattoos to us. The music video ends with Posty and Taylor touching each other’s hands as he steps out of the phone booth while she stays atop the booth.

Song Credits:

  1. ‘Fortnight’ was written by Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff & Post Malone.
  2. Jack Antonoff produced this song.
  3. It was released on the 19th of April, 2024.
  4. Album Title: The Tortured Poet Department.

History of Taylor and Post Malone:

Posty (Post Malone) and Taylor Swift have a complete history of six years of knowing and appreciating each other. In 2018, Taylor Swift had publicly acknowledged that she was jealous of Post Malone’s “Better Off” song. They meet again in 2019 at the American Music Awards. Following this incident, the two singers followed one another on TikTok in 2022.

Read the complete lyrics of ‘Fortnight’ by Taylor Swift and Post Malone on Genius.


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