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What Is the Meaning of “THEE PERSON” Song by Pardison Fontaine?


“THEE PERSON,” written by Pardison Fontaine, is a song released on the 17th of November, 2023. It is the first response by Pardison Fontaine to the accusation of Megan that he was cheating on her while they were together. The meaning of “THEE PERSON” lyrics by Pardison Fontaine is exposing Megan Thee Stallion for her betrayal in love and her lies on TV. He exposes the contrasting layers of love and betrayal while dating Megan. The cover art of the song is from “Scary Maze Game,” which is a viral online game that’s interrupted by a Chucky-like female, intended to scare the player. Here, Pardison Fontaine creates the same effect as he exposes Megan The Stallion’s scary persona. You can listen to Pardison Fontaine’s “THEE PERSON” below.

Official Lyric Video of “THEE PERSON” by Pardison Fontaine

What Is the Meaning of “THEE PERSON” Song by Pardison Fontaine?

The Intro of “THEE PERSON” lyrics by Pardison Fontaine promises to reveal the scary sides of Megan Thee Stallion, his ex. He was there for her as Tory Lanez, his team, and his supporters were dragging her name left and right. Why were they coming for her? Well, Megan Thee Stallion accused Tory Lanez of a shooting that transpired on the 12th of July, 2020 after over a month on the 20th of August, 2020. Since this accusation, Pardi has been by her side supporting her when she was at her lowest, until December of 2022. He cannot believe she came for him as well. So, in this intro, he promises to tell the scary truth about Megan as a person who would do anything for attention and clicks.

In the First Verse of the song, Pardi exposes Megan’s lies one by one. He begins with her making bad comments about Kellon Deryck (Celebrity Hairstylist), Jayla, and Darren. She sees everybody’s mistakes and flaws except her own. When someone points her mistakes out, she acts like a Karen. Even though so much has happened in the last two years, Megan only talks about her money and her accomplishments, which Pardi finds dishonest. The meaning behind Pardison Fontaine sharing his story on “THEE PERSON” is he took care of her during her darkest days. But as things got better for her, she began to do things he didn’t like, such as getting liposuction and posting gym pics with makeup on that didn’t even blend properly. Pardi says Megan needs to self-reflect and solve her problems from within instead of blaming everybody around her as if she is the perfect one. But she is used to blaming someone else and playing the victim from the start. For her new album, Pardison was to be blamed for cheating on her and he was her new villain. He accuses her of cheating on him with her producer, LilJuMadeDaBeat, on his daughter’s birthday. When he confronted her and asked her about this, she lied to him by promising by her mother’s name. By then, his plans to marry her were completely faded. Pardi, then, says she lied about Tory Lanez shooting her with Gayle King on CBS. Despite all these, he treated you like his queen but she treated him like a clown that’s been hired to entertain her. But with due respect, Pardison says this song is dedicated to Megan as a person and not the Megan whom he was in love with.

The Chorus of “THEE PERSON” lyrics by Pardison Fontaine talks about beefing with DaBaby whom Megan allegedly had a romantic relationship. DaBaby talks about this in his song, “BOOGEYMAN.” Pardi says she is a beautiful girl but her soul is disgusting. Despite having everything, she isn’t content and happy with herself. He asks her to hire detectives that are as good as the Feds. But he says he didn’t cheat on her in her house in his bed. She sings, “Pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his d… sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin'” in her song Cobra. Pardi calls her a liar and that she is sick in her head.

In the Second Verse of the song, Pardi exposes Megan in detail as he reveals her hypocrisy in detail. He kept quiet even as she was lying about him cheating on her with another girl. But these lies are the projections of her own insecurities and guilt. The fact that Pardi has caught her texting other men red-handed and still kept quiet speaks volumes about his character. She went out of the country and didn’t even call him. In his head, he thought they must have broken up. But he took all the blame and kept quiet. He would go as far as to apologize for things he didn’t do. The meaning of the second verse of “THEE PERSON” is that Megan Thee Stallion lacks empathy and she doesn’t understand that he is not her enemy. Even though he wanted things to work out between him and her, it didn’t work out. But even as they are separated, he wishes nothing but the best for her. He says she can still call his mom if she needs anything. The only problem he has with her is her lack of accountability. Read the original lyrics of Pardison Fontaine’s “THEE PERSON” via Genius.

Context of “THEE PERSON” Lyrics Meaning by Pardison Fontaine

According to Rolling Stone, Pardison Fontaine raps that he would propose to Megan Thee Stallion but she lied to Gayle King on CBS. What exactly is the lie? The lie is that she said that Pardi cheated on her. Instead, Pardi says it was the other way around. In the lyrics of “Thee Person,” Pardison Fontaine sings about the moments of support, instances of infidelity, and the blurred lines between public image and personal struggles. As Megan’s victim mentality grew, she wanted a villain for her next album. This villain happened to be none other than her loving ex, Pardison Fontaine. But he reveals that it was Megan who was cheating on him. Pardi also claims she lied about the Tory Lanez situation with Gayle King.

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