What Is the Meaning Behind the Lyrics of ‘Death Bed’ by Powfu?

What Is the Meaning Behind the Lyrics of ‘Death Bed’ by Powfu?

Powfu – Death Bed Lyrics Meaning

Powfu’s ‘Death Bed’ is a song that appears as if it is being sung from the viewpoint of a very young man who is actually on his deathbed. In this concisely formulated song, he is basically near to his demise. The individual that the singer is addressing could easily be his love interest. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Death Bed’ by Powfu, only at Laviasco.

In fact, it comes across as if the persona addressed in the song is solely his long-term girlfriend who he was foreseeing to wed sooner or later. However, we all know, such is not the script with which his destiny has handled him. Rather, he discovers himself communicating what appears as if they are his final words for her. ‘Death Bed’ has now entered into Billboard Hot 100, giving Powfu the first entry to the list.

Introduction: Death Bed Lyrics Powfu

Adding up to the theory mentioned above, one of the important emotions reflected in ‘Death Bed’ isn’t so him extensively stressing on demise as it is his devotion to this girl and his misfortune on not being qualified to be aged with his romantic interest. Certainly, he deems himself to have been ‘lucky’ for being able to pursue her as his girlfriend in the first place. 

However, at the moment, everything is ending right in front of him. From the sentiments of the song, the thing we can interpret from these lyrics is that maybe the primary stuff which saddens Powfu as he fabricates on his literal “death bed” is the evidence that he infers his moments with his romantic interest is entering to its final phase.

Death Bed Lyrics Meaning Powfu

Let’s learn the quality meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Death Bed’ by Powfu section-wise, only at Laviasco.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Outro: beabadoobee, Powfubeabadoobee & Powfu]

The artists in this section are really trying their best to keep themselves sane in such a tragic event. They are in a state of confusion where they cannot relate to what their supposed next move should actually be. Should they be in bed? Or should they be not? Should they drink a cup of coffee so that they would feel better in an event of being sleep deprived?

The irony here is these queries aren’t for the singer. This question is for his romantic interest who has recently passed away. To make himself feel better, the singer is treating her dead girlfriend as if she is sleeping alive in her death bed. He talks about making coffee for her just in case she wakes up from her eternal sleep.

[Verse 1: Powfu]

In the lyrics of the first verse of ‘Death Bed’, Powfu opens up with how he’s been feeling lately. He yearns to listen to her voice as he’s been feeling lonely but it’s out of his luck. Powfu is getting anxiety attacks with vivid pictures of him being wed to his romantic interest and it gets even worse after he realizes that it’s impossible.

It keeps getting even worse. He thinks that he can meet her in his afterlife if he dies today. However, his other side of the brain comes up with another question mark. What if she is with someone else in her afterlife? He wishes to be that guy and have kids together. But he cannot make it happen with her lying in her death bed. The singer always felt special about having her as his partner but he is devasted now that it’s over.

[Verse 2: Powfu]

The singer feels bad for tearing up in front of her death bed. He asks her to bear his annoying tears for a while so that he can properly tell her goodbye to her. If she were alive, she would have cheered him up. Now that she is not here, his emotions are only getting more uncontrollable. They would go to the park and take goofy videos for fun. After singing about his loneliness, Powfu finally realizes that she is lonely on the other end wishing that he was there for her as well. This makes it easier for him to move on.

Genius Verified: Death Bed Lyrics Meaning

Watch the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Death Bed’ decoded by Powfu himself on Genius Verified:

Conclusion: Death Bed Meaning Powfu

This extremely emotional track makes us forget about the classics such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “Titanic” because of the story in this song. Two lovers have parted ways with one another, not by the cheating scandal and not for being unromantic. They are on two different paths because of death which is inevitable. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Death Bed’ by Powfu? Let us know in the comments section below and watch the music video as well.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Death Bed’ by Powfu on Genius in detail.

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  1. Toto

    Damn it made me cry it’s really deep

    1. Laviasco

      Yes, it is. ❤

    2. Samaya Taragachova

      This is the saddest song I’ve ever heard I’m still crying when I hear it

      1. Laviasco


      2. Bella

        Same. I agree

    3. Opal

      I have a fear of relating to this song..😳

      1. Laviasco

        It’s fair enough

    4. Powfu

      but how are you going to make a cup of coffee

      when you are

  2. JC

    Idk if i’m taking the meaning of this song too deep but i interpreted it as a man who found love, lost a girl, she moved on and he didn’t. He talks about how happy he made her, and the chorus seems to allude to when he was sad/depressed, she would make him feel better, make him coffee, go to church, go on a walk, etc. Now that she’s about to marry, there’s no longer a chance for them together and his hope has ran out. It’s now too hard for him to fight his depression, and he’s on his deathbed, saying a final goodbye.

    1. Laviasco

      That makes sense as well

    2. Crystal

      Honestly that’s an amazing way to see this song

  3. Adrienne Reed

    This song is DEEP but to be honest its a good song. it might make me emotional but its great

    1. Laviasco

      Yes, you are absolutely correct!

  4. Idk

    Thanks for writing this article about one of the best song from my playlist😉

    1. Laviasco

      You’re well come 😏

  5. Powfu

    Glad you liked my song! Don’t usually leave comments, but this article was the most accurate I could find.

    1. Laviasco


  6. Crystal

    He makes her a cup to wake her up knowing she isn’t going too wake

  7. Jordan Watson

    I’m sorry for ur loss I’ve been listening to this ever since my girl left me for my bsf and I feel bad for u

  8. Carolyn R Brindle

    I love this song so much. It’s absolutely perfect in its sadness.
    Powfu’s voice reminds me of Lupe Fiasco…do I am a definite fan!

    1. Laviasco

      The lyrics of the song are absolutely amazing.

  9. breyonna

    bro when i first listened to this song i cried and when i saw what the meaning the lyrics are about it made me think about how love is really hard and its hard to find the right person to be with and trust them its like they have a gun and its right on ur heart and u trust them not to pull the trigger…😥

    1. Laviasco

      Relationships are very tough to maintain. Of you find someone that vibes with you, don’t let them go!

  10. roy D.

    not much dif.from pearljams LAST KISS.

    1. Laviasco

      You’re right actually!

  11. Bre

    The first time i hear the song, i thought nothing of it. But then I listened again, and it made me think of su**ide. I don’t know why. It just did.

    1. Laviasco

      Take care!

  12. Sukritee

    Such a good insight. Keep writing more.

    1. Laviasco


  13. Bill

    When I heard this song I was moved instantly. The haunting vocals and the sing-song rap, wow! I did view the lyrics two ways…one from the perspective of love and lovers. The other was from the perspective of a close pet that who’s time is up. Either way, one h*ll of an emotional trigger

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