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What Is the Meaning of the Song “VALENTINE” by Måneskin?


“VALENTINE,” written by Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Ethan Torchio, Thomas Raggi, Theo Hutchcraft & Joseph Wander, is a song released on the 10th of November, 2023. It is the second song from Måneskin’s 2023 deluxe album, RUSH! (ARE U COMING?). The meaning of “VALENTINE” lyrics by Måneskin is to embrace vulnerability, longing, connection, and the uncertainty in love. This song has already piqued curiosity with a teaser on Facebook. It shows the band’s raw energy in a black-and-white performance in the music video. You can listen to Måneskin’s “VALENTINE” below.

Official Music Video of “VALENTINE” by Måneskin

What Is the Meaning of the Song “VALENTINE” by Måneskin?

The First Verse of “VALENTINE” by Måneskin begins with the lyric, “Wasted in love, misunderstood.” It shows the complexities we face in love and talks about the feeling of being ‘wasted in love’ and ‘misunderstood.’ The lyric, “Baby, it’s harder to breathe when you’re gone” means the singer is struggling to breathe in the absence of his romantic lover. Then, he sings, “So I hold in my hands pictures of you // And dream of the day you were eating for two.” These lyrics talk about holding pictures and dreaming of shared moments. Small moments create deep memories.

In the Pre-Chorus of the song, Måneskin sings the lyrics, “All this love, I’m so choked up // I can feel you in my blood.” The phrase “All this love” also repeats in the Bridge section of the song. These lyrics describe the love that is so overwhelming that it can be felt through the veins. This repetition of ‘All this love’ gives meaning to being ‘choked up’ which means the singer feels more vulnerable and has a deep connection. The lyrics, “All this lust, just one touch // I’m so scared to give you up” mean the desires of the singer exist in the form of ‘lust’ and his fear of ‘giving up’ his love.

The Chorus of “VALENTINE” by Måneskin begins with the lyrics, “Valentine, my decline // Is so much better with you.” Here, the singer repeats the word ‘Valentine’ and it means a decline that is ironically better with his affection towards his lover. The lyrics, “Valentine, my decline // I’m always running to you” mean the singer constantly yearns for his lover and acts to run towards his lover, his source of comfort. This section shows the highs and lows of the singer in love in the repeated declaration of the ‘decline of his Valentine.’

In the Second Verse of the song, Måneskin begins with the lyric, “Crazy in love, daisy in bloom.” This means he fantasizes about his love flourishing where the daisies are blooming. Then, he sings, “Black hearts for pupils, I’m pacing the room” which shows the darkness and restlessness he holds. Then, the lyrics, “And I cover myself in tattoos of us // Dream of the day we еmbrace and combust” mean how important this relationship is for the singer. He wants a permanent mark of commitment with the help of his tattoos. Read the complete original lyrics of Måneskin’s “VALENTINE” via Genius.

Context of “VALENTINE” Lyrics Meaning by Måneskin

According to 105.7 The Point, “Valentine” by Måneskin is one of the five bonus songs from their deluxe version of their album, RUSH. This song portrays the uneasiness of being ‘wasted in love’ and ‘misunderstood.’ Also, the singer captures the vulnerability that comes with our romantic entanglements. This vulnerability helps us to explore the depths of longing and connection. Here, we relate to holding onto our memories and dreaming of our shared moments.

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