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What Is Faouzia ‘RIP, Love’ Lyrics Meaning?


Faouzia – RIP, Love Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics of ‘RIP, Love’ by Faouzia is ‘Rest In Peace, Love’ where the singer laments the demise of love. She is mourning a dead relationship and is trying to win the narrative of the breakup. The song has many clever wordplays such as “man down”, which is used by armies when a soldier from their team passes away.

Faouzia’s ‘RIP, Love’ talks about how she never loved her romantic interest. Yet it hurts her to see him walk away of her life.

Introduction: RIP, Love Lyrics

The lyrics for ‘RIP, Love’ by Faouzia is a typical song that screams romantic failure. She thought she had learned from her past romantic failures. But then she overlooked her understanding of relationships as her new relationship progressed. But sadly, for her, the new relationship ended in the same fashion that her previous relationship had ended.

But I never loved you, sorry
So long, you’re gone, it hurts to see
Said you’d die for us
So now R.I.P. love

Lyrics for ‘RIP, Love’ by Faouza

RIP, Love Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘RIP, Love’ by Faouza line by line in detail.

‘RIP, Love’ is the third single off Faouzia’s 2022 album ‘CITIZENS‘. The release date of the song is the 30th of March 2022.

[Intro/ Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/ Post-Chorus]

The Intro and Post-Chorus of the song rhyme “lo-re-lo-re” continuously to end with ‘RIP, Love’. Faouzia thought she had learned what not to do from her past relationship. However, she ignored her understanding and she regrets not setting a boundary. She is on a black dress to lament the dead relationship. While she is emotional about the loss, she says she didn’t love him anyway.

[Verse 1]

Even though Faouzia says she didn’t love him it hurts her to see him walk out of her life. She was previously optimistic about their relationship. However, she forgot to remain cynical about the relationship and be cautious about it. The singer ignored all the boundaries she had set for herself. “I’d rip your heart out of your chest” means that she should have been ready to walk away to hurt him first.

[Verse 2]

Faouzia had cared for her partner. She didn’t want to hurt him and did everything that made him comfortable in the relationship. If she had thoughts of leaving him, she would convince herself not to do so cause she remembers he would cry had she left him. But it’s too late to think about all of this cause he made the move to leave the relationship. She never expected this from him and it haunts her every single day.

Conclusion: RIP, Love Meaning

‘RIP, Love’ by Faouzia means that she is grieving for her freshly ended relationship. The song is a petty attempt to save one’s face after a relationship failure. Her black outfit is speaking emotionally to her as she is mourning the relationship that she had. Sadly, she misses him but can’t do anything about it cause things aren’t going to work.

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