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What Is the Meaning Behind the Lyrics of ‘Bones’ by Imagine Dragons?


Imagine Dragons – Bones Lyrics Meaning

The word ‘bones’ either reminds us of our dogs or the graveyard. ‘Bones’ by Imagine Dragons has the meaning of grievances in the lyrics as Dan Raynolds lost his sister-in-law to cancer. When you lose a family member to a deadly disease, it’s easy to get into a cycle of sadness. People overthink while mourning for the deceased ones.

Imagine Dragons reflect on the fragility of life in their new song ‘Bones’. It’s necessary to think, at least once, about the last moments.

Introduction: Bones Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Bones’ is around the topic of eternal life and Imagine Dragons believe that life never ends. There is more to come to our lives, even after our deaths. You read it correctly, even after our death! For someone who believes in science or philosophies such as ‘Atheism‘, the topic could be hard to digest. But religious people live by the principle of reincarnation and eternity.

I-I-I, got this feeling, yeah, you know
Where I’m losing all control
‘Cause there’s magic in my bones (Magic in my bones)

Lyrics to ‘Bones’ by Imagine Dragons

Bones Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Bones’ by Imagine Dragons line by line in detail.

[Verse 1]

The first verse of ‘Bones’ centres around the topic of introspection. Whenever we try to think with a clear mind, somehow we always end up in our bathroom. We look into the mirror and talk to ourselves. This is exactly what the singer is feeling. He is waiting for the ‘reaper‘ to take his life. But he is ready to fight the reaper to live forever.

A reaper is someone who loves death and who believes that he is supposed to be dead. Essentially, a reaper is a soul taker.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/ Outro]

In the Pre-Chorus of ‘Bones’, the lyrics are from the viewpoint of the ‘reaper’. At first, the reaper uses “My” to put down the fact that his patience is subsiding. Then, the reaper uses “Our” for the same justification as Dan himself is tired of mortality as well. The outro represents losing consciousness.

“Go ahead and throw your stones” means that anyone can try to hurt him. “Cause there’s magic in my bones” shows that he is strong and can withstand anything.

[Verse 2]

“a stick of dynamite” means something that either causes great awe or confidence. When we mix the colours ‘black’ and ‘white’, we get a neutral ‘grey’. But Imagine Dragons are convinced that it was never grey. They have used the same analogue to justify that the concept of ‘right’ comes from the concept of ‘wrong’.

“boulder hurtling” means the erosion of rock particles because of the frequent movements. “burning in flames” refers to the legend of Phoenix that rises from its ashes.


Now, the discussion turns to the singer himself. Dan tells himself to look inside the mirror of his mind and not the mirror of his bathroom. He wants to see what kind of thoughts does he reflect on himself on an everyday basis. Now, he is reflecting on his own life. Dan is leaving all the people from the past who didn’t care about him. He is picking up himself and has decided to move forward.

Conclusion: Bones Meaning Imagine Dragons

The lyrics of ‘Bones’ by Imagine Dragons means that there is no bigger pain than losing a loved one. But every painful moment makes a person stronger. We should always try to overcome our loss by staying strong. In the process of grieving for someone who is gone, we shouldn’t lose ourselves. Self-care and self-respect should always come first.

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