Halsey ‘You should be sad’ Lyrics Meaning Attacks on G-Eazy, Again!


Halsey – You should be sad Lyrics Meaning

Only a week before dropping her third studio album, Manic, Halsey blessed her lovers with one last song titled, ‘You should be sad’. In this country-stimulated song, Halsey gushes her frustrations from her earlier romantic connection, whilst revealing in some indirect stabs about her ex’s behavior in the process. She simply cannot move on. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘You should be sad’ by Halsey.

Introduction: You should be sad Lyrics

The song takes a certain amount of uncanny resemblances with her 2017 song ‘Without Me’, about ex-boyfriend G-Eazy and the cheating accusations against him. In a tweet following the release of “You should be sad” Halsey indicated that this track is about G-Eazy as well. I’m just wondering WHY CAN’T SHE MOVE ON while deciphering the meaning behind the lyrics as well as the music video of the song.

You should be sad Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘You should be sad’ by Halsey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Halsey starts off her song by saying all she wants to do is get a few things off of her chest. She isn’t the type of girl to live up with outrage or resentment. However, she wants to be honest with the person she had once loved. The singer expects to see the change in her ex-lover after she leaves him with the points she doesn’t like about him. Such a caring ex can be very hard to find in real life, however. Regardless, let’s see what Halsey has got to say to her past lover.


The singer is in the first line into the Pre-Chorus of the song, she is already calling out the arrogant and over-confident nature of her past lover. Halsey doesn’t want her previous lover to be blinded with wealth and fortune which often makes them forget who they are. The singer is simply happy to get out of that establishment. Their relationship wouldn’t have been a great one because apparently, her ex-boyfriend (Possibly G-Eazy) was used to treating her like the second option.


Halsey, apparently, tried her best to help him get what he wants in his life. She had always been supportive of her previous lover. However, as soon as she got a notion of “toxic culture” and began to see patterns, she decided that he isn’t right for her and they sought a breakup. Then, her broken heart ran away so far away from him in order not to hear from him ever again. This time, she is finally done with him.

[Verse 2]

The singer, however, knew what she was getting herself into. However, she was convinced and confident that she will be able to change him and his behaviors. Halsey wanted to take a broken man on her hands and wanted to take care of him the way she wanted to. She wanted to heal his broken parts until the new ones grew naturally. However, in the end, none of it worked out for Halsey.

Conclusion: You should be sad Meaning

The song points out the flaws of the toxic relationship that she had had with one of her ex-lovers (presumably G-Eazy). However to put a curse on someone by saying ‘You should be sad’ can never be something a mature girl says or do. This isn’t mature, this is attention-seeking in a purely commercial form. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘You should be sad’ by Halsey. Let us know in the comments section below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘You should be sad’ by Halsey on Genius in detail.

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15 thoughts on “Halsey ‘You should be sad’ Lyrics Meaning Attacks on G-Eazy, Again!

  1. Hey, you all know that it is normal for an artist or singer like Halsey to make past relationships as references for their songs in order to make music. Right? So, what’s the big deal then? Are you mad at H for making such music? It’s part of her Manic Album. Can you iu not see the pattern as well? She started it with her rage against G EAZY and ended it with the same so, I think it’s fine! That doesn’t mean she can’t move on from G eazy as you all think it was the music all about. YOU PEAOPLE AHOULD MOVE ON AND NOT HALSEY 🙏

  2. That is really condescending. It isn’t about why she can’t get over him. It’s about getting over the time she wasted trying to save someone who didn’t want to be saved. To put your time, effort, love and resources into giving the person you love the world… suffering through a miscarriage that actually turned out to be a blessing is a real mind-f**k. So unless you’ve been deep into a relationship like that, you couldn’t possibly understand, therefore cannot explain the meaning of this song properly.
    Without me was a shout to all of her eyes, not just G-sleazy. He is essentially a nobody without her.

  3. What a horrible person this writer is, and honestly, how could you misunderstand the meaning THAT badly?. As someone who had a miscarriage,that ended up being a freakin’ BLESSING, during a toxic relationship, screw this ‘author.’

      1. I don’t think people have had their feelings hurt. You just sound like an unprofessional infant you writes pointlessly aggressive articles because they couldn’t make it as a real journalist is all. Or perhaps it is a ploy to get interactions on your article and we have all been duped. Probably a bit of both.

        Also, mature WOMAN, is the word you were looking for. Why people (men in particular) continue to call grown adult women ‘girls’ I will never understand.

        Also, why are you writing in third person? When the author is clearly you.

          1. I am not a Halsey fan. I heard this song on the radio and wanted to know about it.

            Your writing is intentionally inflammatory and then you put the ownership of being ‘toxic’ on the reader for calling out how unnecessary it was? Because that makes sense…

  4. The person who wrote this is completely biased. Firstly you can move on from a person but still be effected by the way they treated you, moving on from someone doesn’t just heal all the trauma you went through.
    I think if your going to write about an artist atleast try to keep your personal opinion and bias out of it and stop trying to project your own opinion as fact and insulting a woman for expressing herself

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