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Could We Live WIthout Halsey? – Without Me Lyrics Meaning


Halsey – Without Me Lyrics Meaning

Halsey has always been one of my favorite singers, especially after her “New Americana” era. Today, let’s try to learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Without Me’ by Halsey!

According to Genius Lyrics, ‘Without Me’ dives into the personal feelings of Halsey after being a very public relationship.


‘Without Me’ is hands down, by far the most successful song Halsey has ever released! The song makes more sense when we realize that it was written for her ex-boyfriend, G Eazy.

G Eazy had been openly cheating on her and she had been forgiving him despite his multiple cheating incidents. The couple eventually broke up leaving Halsey in an emotional rollercoaster.

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Thus, we have a song about it. Trust me when I say this, it hurts more than the bank-teller informing you to pay off your debt.

Without Me Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Without Me’ by Halsey section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Halsey starts off the song by how she met G Eazy. Apparently, he was extremely vulnerable at the time she met him.

According to Genius Lyrics, Halsey regrets how much she gave to her significant other, only to be left alone in the end.

However, she did take care of him. In fact, Halsey kept him so close to her even when she didn’t have any feelings for her. She was scared to leave him on his own then.

Later, she started to develop feelings for G Eazy. Not so very good investment of emotions, it seems.


As per the lyrics from Pre-Chorus section of ‘Without Me’ by Halsey, their relationship had a deeper meaning for both of them.

They both had each other’s backs. However, after G Eazy had healed from his emotional trauma, he started to take advantage of Halsey.

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He was so convinced that Halsey wouldn’t leave him even if he did anything wrong. This led to multiple cheating, heartbreaks and a lot of forgiveness.

But it simply didn’t work out.


Halsey lays a deeper meaning in the lyrics behind the chorus section of ‘Without Me’. She wants to know how he is feeling after the breakup.

According to Genius Lyrics, Halsey elevated her man to god-status, placing him on a pedestal above everything else.

Then, she goes as far as to say if G Eazy’s attitude won’t relent, SHE CAN LIVE WITHOUT HIM!


Later in the song, Halsey says she doesn’t want to know what he did to her from his mouth. She has already found out everything from the concerned people.

She must have invested a huge amount of money and time so as to figure out the truth!

Now that she knows everything, she doesn’t want any form of relationship with G Eazy. YIKES!



What other meaning can you deduce from the lyrics of Without Me by Halsey? Let us know down in the comment section.

Read “Without Me” by Halsey on Genius

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