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What Is Harry’s Sexuality? Harry Styles – Lights Up Lyrics Meaning


Harry Styles – Lights Up Lyrics Meaning

Harry Styles is not thinking of staying quiet in 2019. He has finally returned from his hiding spot since his last album, “Harry Styles”. “Lights Up” is his first song for his upcoming debut album. However, we do not know the title of the album yet! Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Lights Up” by Harry Styles. GUYS, MY FAVORITE SINGER IS BACK! Harry Styles has released three pictures on his Instagram page that were released prior to the release of “Lights Up” for better visual meaning.

Surprisingly, the release of the song is dated on “National Coming Out Day“. This has led many fans to speculate about the sexuality of Harry Styles. Since the singer doesn’t feel it necessary for the labels to describe his identification, he hasn’t been open about his sexuality to the public. Guys, let him live! It’s not important to know Harry’s sexual preference. It is, however, important to know the meaning behind the cryptic lyrics of ” Lights Up” by Harry Styles!

Introduction: Lights Up Lyrics

It’s true that labels can be divisive. Harry seems to be aware of this. This is why he is letting his fans speculate about his sexuality. What’s the point of coming out to the world if his fanbase is going to get divided? He has learned this lesson a hard way following the separation of the once-popular boy band, One Direction. The whole One Direction fanbase has been shattered into multiple fragments and Harry doesn’t want this to happen to his fanbase.

According to Genius Lyrics, Harry was relatively tight-lipped about the track leading up to its release, only posting the single’s artwork to Instagram hours before the drop, his first post in over a year. “Lights Up” is an infectious pop song from British actor and singer Harry Styles. The song features harmonious vocals and juxtaposes melancholic lyrics. I’m pretty excited to decode its meaning.

Lights Up Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Lights Up” by Harry Styles section-wise.

[Verse 1 & 2]

In this verse, Harry seems to be addressing the rumors surrounding his sexual orientation. He is trying to get our attention by asking for a properly justified question as to what is it exactly we’re trying to know about him. The singer asks us what do we mean when we ask him about his sexuality. He apologizes for not being confident enough to let us know what we want. This is primarily because the labels can be divisive and he doesn’t want his fanbase to get destroyed.

Further down the verse, Harry says, he could indeed let us know what we want to know about him. However, he doesn’t want to put his information about surrounding his sexuality out in the world like that. The singer apologizes once again for not being able to let us know what we want to know about him. At the end of this verse, Harry Styles wishes that things stay the same way it was before. He is letting us know that there is no point speculating about his sexual orientation because he will never let us know about it. Harry is such a caring role model.


The singer thinks people should try to know who they are before speculating on someone else’s sexuality. I think it is very important to understand this from Harry’s fanbase. His sexuality is for him to bear and for him to understand. The sexual orientation of the singer is not someone else’s responsibility to speculate. If he wishes to address his sexuality, we are ready to support him as we always had been. But please do not keep the singer in an uncomfortable situation by questioning him about his personal life followed by his sexual orientation. The meaning behind the ambiguous lyrics of “Lights Up” is to shine your light on positivity everywhere at all times!


According to Genius Lyrics, the lines in the Bridge section may also just detail Harry’s newfound ability to be his true self after stepping into the solo limelight. He is discovering himself. In the lyrics, the singer says “I am not ever going back”. Maybe he has finally been able to understand his sexual orientation and he is happy to know what he really is! This is why he is never going back to his previous state of mind that denied his own sexual identity. I’m so happy for him! It might take a total of 10,000 hours for him to find out who he truly is.

The song talks about being free in Harry’s mental space to choose to experience what he wants. He doesn’t want us to be speculating about his sexual orientation even though it is very clear that he wants to keep his personal life private! Let’s not bully Harry Styles and let’s let him shine which he is trying to say as the meaning behind the lyrics of “Lights Up”. We, as a fanbase, should be supportive of Harry’s wish to discover himself slowly. Most people won’t know their identity until they grow old. Everyone needs some time all alone to configure their own mental space.

Conclusion: Lights Up Meaning

Honestly, I think we should be supportive of Harry’s decision to stay private about his personal life. Instead, we could support him by providing him with the space he needs. What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of “Lights Up” by Harry Styles? Do you have a different explanation for the lyrics? Let us know in the comments below to show Harry Styles some love. Share this with Harry Styles fans you know so that they would understand how sensitive the topic surrounding his sexuality really is! Stop obsessing over his sexual orientation. Get a life!

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of “Lights Up” by Harry Styles on Genius in detail.


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