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LANY, Alonica: Lyrics Meaning Explained


Los Angeles-based band LANY released a new song titled “Alonica” on the 7th of July, 2023 under the label Second Wave Recorders. Written by Jake Goss, Paul Jason Klein, Aodhan King, and Mike Crossey, and produced by Mike Crossey, this catchy pop track encourages listeners to find solace within themselves and highlights the journey towards self-acceptance. The meaning of “Alonica” lyrics by LANY is to paint a sharp picture of a place within oneself where being true to who you are is enough. In the song, lead vocalist Paul Jason Klein explores the experience of falling out of love with Los Angeles and the pursuit of external validation. Through his lyrics, he delivers a compelling message about exploring oneself and the significance of embracing self-love. You can listen to LANY’s “Alonica” below.

Official Music Video of “Alonica” by LANY

LANY, Alonica: Lyrics Meaning Explained

The lyrics of “Alonica” by LANY convey a sense of disillusionment and a desire to break free from the pressures of seeking acceptance from others.

Klein sings in the chorus, “Back to Alonica, where the sun is out all the time, my favorite beach is there, and the sand, it stretches for miles.” These lines symbolize a personal retreat, a safe haven away from the chaos of the outside world. “Alonica” represents a metaphorical place of tranquility and self-fulfillment, where one can rediscover themselves and feel a sense of belonging.

The bridge of the song, with lyrics like “Made up of a thousand colors, and everything is in its place,” conveys a sense of harmony and self-acceptance. It suggests that finding inner peace and embracing one’s unique qualities can lead to a profound connection with oneself and the world around them. The lyrics also touch upon the vulnerability and emotional growth that come with self-reflection. This emphasizes that even great artists like Michelangelo had moments of wonder and self-doubt.

LANY’s “Alonica” serves as a reminder that seeking validation from external sources can be a never-ending cycle of disappointment. The song encourages listeners to embark on a personal journey to self-love before seeking love and acceptance from others. It beautifully encapsulates the idea that being content with oneself and embracing individuality is the key to finding happiness.

With its infectious melody and introspective lyrics, “Alonica” resonates with audiences seeking an anthem for personal growth and self-discovery. LANY’s ability to blend catchy pop sounds with deep introspection makes this song a powerful addition to their discography.

“Alonica” features the musical talents of Jake Goss on drums, Paul Jason Klein on keyboards, and Taylor Johnson on guitar. Here, the mixing and mastering were handled by Mike Crossey and Robin Schmidt, respectively, while Stephen Sesso served as the recording engineer.

As LANY continues to captivate fans with their heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies, “Alonica” stands out as a testament to the band’s commitment to exploring themes of self-discovery and emotional growth. The song carries a positive and uplifting message that will deeply connect with listeners, serving as a reminder about the significance of loving oneself and discovering inner peace.

Context of “Alonica” Lyrics by LANY

Paul Jason Klein says via PM Studio, “Alonica is a place within yourself where being you and having you is enough for you.” In the present world, we have become a victim of comparing somebody else’s lives to our own in terms of beauty as well as wealth. We do it because we want validation as well as acceptance in the society. However, before we do this, we should be mindful of our own mental health and love ourselves first.

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