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imase, NIGHT DANCER: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning


“NIGHT DANCER,” written by imase, is a Japanese song released on the 19th of August, 2022. It is the sixth track from his 2022 album titled, POP CUBE. The meaning of the “NIGHT DANCER” lyrics by imase is exploring reminiscence, the passage of time, and the desire to savor precious moments. With the intention of creating an energetic and dance-worthy track, imase conceived the song while driving during the night. The release of a snippet of the song in May generated a viral trend on social media, particularly TikTok. Here, people post videos of themselves dancing to the captivating tune of this song in various locations. Now, imase has unveiled the full-length version of “NIGHT DANCER,” captivating fans with its mesmerizing lyrics and captivating melodies.

You can listen to imase’s “NIGHT DANCER” below.

Official Music Video of “NIGHT DANCER” by imase

imase, NIGHT DANCER: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning

In the opening lines of the song, imase sets the mood, proclaiming that even though it may seem like an inconsequential night, it holds significance. These lyrics resonate with the idea of resounding echoes and shimmering lights, drawing the listeners into a vibrant atmosphere. The first verse of “Night Dancer” delves into the concept of time, symbolized by a ticking needle that continues to move forward. Then, the song suggests that the memories and the messy room surrounding imase have remained unchanged, serving as reminders of shared experiences with a loved one.

Continuing into the second verse, imase introduces the notion of a dropping needle, signifying a pause in time. The lyrics imply weariness from constant repetition while expressing a heartfelt plea for the person who has managed to remain unchanged amidst life’s uncertainties.

The pre-chorus of the song employs engaging wordplay, as imase playfully uses idle chatter to divert attention. The lyrics depict a hesitation to explore deeper connections, causing the needle to slip. However, despite these distractions, imase and the subject of the song’s breaths begin to align, hinting at the emergence of a shared rhythm.

The chorus of “Night Dancer” embraces the essence of the song, emphasizing the carefree spirit of the night. These lyrics encourage both imase and the listener to revel in the resounding echoes, shining lights, and dance together. Through these infectious lyrics, imase invites everyone to participate in the enchanting experience.

As the song progresses into the third verse, imase highlights the purity of a clear white skin and an innocent smiling face. These lyrics contemplate whether the ability to remain unchanged is only a fleeting moment in the present.

The fourth verse paints a vivid picture of overflowing memories that evoke strong emotions. Imase describes a fluttering heart accompanied by a cup of coffee in a disarrayed room, where a hoarse melody resonates. These elements represent the intertwining of feelings and experiences, creating a unique and profound connection.

The bridge of the song signifies the uncertain nature of the night, represented by the lengthiness and the anticipation of imminent pause. Imase expresses a heartfelt desire to be with the subject of the song, longing for a deep immersion even if tomorrow never arrives.

Returning to the chorus, imase reaffirms the captivating invitation to dance and celebrate life, emphasizing the resounding echoes and shining lights. The lyrics also express imase’s love for the subject, acknowledging the significance of their presence. Through the act of dancing, even while stumbling, imase aims to etch these cherished moments into their shared history.

imase’s “Night Dancer” captures the essence of a lively and enchanting song, brimming with meaningful lyrics and captivating melodies. The track’s introspective themes of time, reminiscence, and the desire to embrace fleeting moments resonate deeply with listeners. Through this energetic and danceable tune, imase has created a musical experience that encourages us to celebrate life’s joys, dance together, and cherish the precious moments that shape our existence.

What Are the Lyrics of “NIGHT DANCER” by imase In English Translation?

These are the lyrics of imase’s “NIGHT DANCER” via Genius in English translation:

[Imase “NIGHT DANCER” Lyrics]

Even though it’s a night that doesn’t matter
Resounding, shining, and you too (Oh)

[Verse 1]
The ticking needle that still hasn’t stopped
The messy room I’ve been immersed in
It doesn’t change, remembering
The two of us growing older

[Verse 2]
The dropping needle that stopped again
I listened to it so much, I got tired of it
It doesn’t change, please don’t change
Were you the only one who could stay the same?

Distracting with idle chatter
As if hesitating to touch the places I reached
Stomping my feet, ignoring the needle that slipped
Our breaths started to align

Even though it’s a night that doesn’t matter
Resounding, shining, “Let’s dance” with you too
Even though it’s a night that doesn’t matter
Let’s engrave it together

[Verse 3]
The clear white skin
Your innocent face when you smile
It doesn’t change, please don’t change
Can I only stay like this for now?

[Verse 4]
The more I gaze
The memories overflow
In my fluttering heart, with a cup of coffee
In the disarrayed room, a hoarse melody
Let’s blend together once again

Even though it’s a night that doesn’t matter
Fluttering, colorful, “Let’s dance” with you too
Even though it’s a night that doesn’t matter
Let’s engrave it together

The night is long, uncertain
Music that seems about to stop anytime now
I want to be with you, I want to be drowned
Even if tomorrow never comes, it’s fine now

Even though it’s a night that doesn’t matter
Resounding, shining, “Let’s dance” with you too
Even though it’s a night that doesn’t matter
I love you
Because it doesn’t matter, just me
Staggering, stumbling, “Let’s dance” even so
Even though it’s a night that doesn’t matter
Let’s engrave it together

imase’s “NIGHT DANCER” Lyrics In English Translation

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