What Is Song By Rapper ppcocaine ‘DDLG’ Lyrics Meaning All About?

What Is Song By Rapper ppcocaine ‘DDLG’ Lyrics Meaning All About?

ppcocaine – DDLG Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of the song ‘DDLG’ by the rapper ppcocaine is about the underlying meaning of ‘Daddy Dom’ or ‘Little Girl’ relationship. ‘DDLG’ is an acronym for a relationship called Daddy Dom / Little Girl. This artistic concept has given rise to the song so ambiguous yet interesting. Hello everyone, this is Amanda for Laviasco providing you with the most intellectual analysis of the song. You can find us on Twitter @laviasco as well.

We can hear aggressive vocal delivery by ppcocaine for the lyrics of the song ‘DDLG’. In the song, the rapper focuses on the fun activities she wants to do with her romantic interest.

Introduction: DDLG Lyrics

“DDLG” is the breakout song by the west-coast based rapper, ppcocaine. The lyrics used in the song are very suggestive towards specific actions she wishes to indulge in so as to have fun with her romantic interest. From the song, we can know that the preferred embodiment of her romantic interest is a person with a strongly built body. The song is more personal to the singer as she is talking about her fantasies.

Lay me on the bed (Lay me down)
To see if I can take it (Can i take it?)
Please don’t be a tease

Notable lyrics for DDLG by ppcocaine

DDLG Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘DDLG’ by the rapper ppcocaine section-wise. Before that let’s point out a few facts from the song.

Before you guys go hard on me for not being able to dissect the actual words used in the song, let me tell you something. Google won’t let us put ads on our site if we go through the lyrics in detail. We don’t have any other options for monetization either. So, we need to be careful about what we write.

Facts About ‘DDLG’ Song By ppcocaine

  1. ppcocaine stresses on a hard-hitting trap beat produced by Spaindagoat.
  2. “DDLG” crossed 5+ million streams on her TikTok.
  3. This is her first song ever to surpass a million streams on TikTok.
  4. The song initially began to earn fame after the teaser from the 16th of June 2020.

[Intro/ Outro]

The intro and outro of the song act as a strong cordial reference to the beginning and ending part of the fun activity she wishes to experience with her significant other. In the intro, she sets the mood by decreasing the intensity of the lights in her room. People believe this is a romantic setting that could lead up to a series of different fun activities. Then, the outro of the song explicitly questions the level of fun they had with one another.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse of the song, ppcocaine talks about how she wants things to go for her in a romantic setting. The lyrics of the song expose a deeper range of fantasies that people find in anime and manga. Even though we cannot explain the word by word terms used in the song, we already know the sentiments behind the song. Here, in this verse, ppcocaine confidently expresses her needs as one should. She doesn’t hesitate to ask for what she wants.

[Chorus/ Bridge]

In the chorus section, we can hear the expression of her feminity in the presence of her romantic interest. The noises she is quantifying in the lyrics show that she can be unapologetically herself with her romantic interest. She doesn’t hesitate to express her deeper darker secrets. This is probably the reason why this song is so beautiful. As the song progresses to the Bridge section, she gives away herself for the moment to her romantic interest.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse of the song, she gets even more confident in talking about herself. She wants to feel validated by her romantic interest. However, she does it in a way that sounds confident and she wouldn’t come off as being desperate or needy. While the verse goes on, she talks as though she is giving privileges to her romantic interest that no one else can have. This way, he becomes more trustworthy and interesting to be with. The rapper knows what she is doing.

Conclusion: DDLG Meaning

DDLG stands for ‘Daddy Dom / Little Girl’. It is a type of relationship that the rapper ppcocaine wishes to have with her romantic interest. Here, her partner is supposed to be a person with a big body and dominant type.

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘DDLG’ by ppcocaine? Let us know in the comments section below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘DDLG’ by the rapper ppcocaine on Genius in detail.

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  1. little.lisa

    While not opposed to the song, as someone that lives a DDlg relationship, the lyrics have nothing at all to do with a real DDlg relationship, and I hope those unaware don’t mistake it for being truth.

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