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Shakira & Ozuna’s “Monotonía” Lyrics Meaning English Translation


Shakira & Ozuna – Monotonía Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of “Monotonía” lyrics by Shakira & Ozuna translated in English is the monotonous relationship of Shakira with Gerard Pique. Gerard Pique is a Spanish football (soccer in America) player who was in a relationship with Shakira. As they separated in June of 2022, Shakira has now released the song “Monotonía” to address her relationship with him. Even though she says, their relationship failed because of monotony, she reveals many chilling details as well in the lyrics.

The release date of “Monotonía” by Shakira & Ozuna is the 19th of October 2022 and the song is from Shakira’s upcoming album. Embedded below is the Official Music Video of the song. Read the rest of the article while the song plays in the background.

Official Music Video of Monotonía by Shakira & Ozuna

Monotonía Lyrics Meaning English Translation

The lyrics to “Monotonía” by Shakira & Ozuna talk about how people feel too comfortable in a relationship before it ends. Most relationships fail as the couple forgets to look after each other’s emotional needs. Sure, financial security is equally important. But to forget the behavior the partner was attracted to means the end of a relationship. The analysis of the meaning of the lyrics behind the song “Monotonía” by Shakira & Ozuna is translated into English line by line in detail below.

The song “Monotonía” means to show the end of the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Pique after their emotional needs weren’t fulfilled.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Outro: Ozuna & Shakira]

Woh-oh-oh-oh-oh, eh

Intro to “Monotonía” Lyrics by Shakira & Ozuna

It wasn’t Your fault, nor mine
It was the monotony’s fault
I never said anything, but it hurt ( Mmm, ah )
I knew this would happen (Oh-oh-oh)

Chorus to “Monotonía” Lyrics by Shakira & Ozuna

Ozuna, ah
Shaki, heh
Hi Music Hi Flow

Outro to “Monotonía” Lyrics by Shakira & Ozuna


The intro and outro of the “Monotonía” lyrics show simple gestures and appreciation from Shakira and Ozuna to each other. Moving to the chorus section, Shakira addresses her unhealthy relationship with Gerard Pique. Shakira tries to put her words maturely as she blames the end of their relationship on “Monotonía” which directly translates into “Monotonous” in English. Evidently, she was always quiet about this but it hurt her a lot. Shakira says the end of their relationship was inevitable.

[Post-Chorus: Shakira & Ozuna]

You doing your thing, me doing the same thing
Always looking for prominence
You forgot what one day we were
And the worst thing is that

Post-Chorus 1 to “Monotonía” Lyrics by Shakira & Ozuna

Suddenly you were no longer the same ( The same )
You left me because of your narcissism ( Selfishness )
You forgot what we once were ( Woh-oh, oh-oh )
Eh-eh, hey

Post-Chorus 2 to “Monotonía” Lyrics by Shakira & Ozuna


The maturity Shakira was trying to show in the chorus to “Monotonía” lyrics ends in the post-chorus. Now, she begins to reveal how things got to this point. The singer says both of them were busy doing their own things to gain more fame and status. But she blames him for taking her for granted. Shakira complains he was no longer the same person she fell in love with. Gerard Pique turned more selfish, narcissistic, and self-centered. Then, he left her after 12 years of a relationship.

[Verse: Shakira & Ozuna]

You distant with your attitude, and that filled me with …
You didn’t give even half, but I do know that I gave more than you
I was running for someone who wasn’t even walking for me
This love didn’t He ‘s …, but he’s delusional
Now there’s nothing left of what he had
I’m telling you honestly
It’s cold like Christmas
It’s better that this be over now
 ( Now, now )
Don’t repeat me again, that’s already I saw ( I already saw her )
That I love you, but it’s that I love myself more (More me)
It’s a necessary goodbye
What was incredible one day became routine
Your lips don’t taste like anything to me
Now it’s the opposite, and the worst thing is that

Verse to “Monotonía” Lyrics by Shakira & Ozuna


Shakira continues to blame the attitude of Gerard Pique towards her in the verse in “Monotonía” lyrics. The singer says she was running to save the relationship while he was not even walking. Gerard was turning colder towards her as days passed by. She was a giver in the relationship but he was a taker. There was no effort from his end. Everything was predictable and boring. Shakira admits she loves him. But now she must love herself more cause she deserves someone better.

Conclusion: Monotonía Meaning Shakira

“Monotonía” song by Shakira and Ozuna means how an idealized relationship can end after people stop putting effort into the relationship. Shakira always felt like her efforts weren’t reciprocated. She felt like she was taken for granted. Despite her emotional doubts, she did everything she could to save her 12-year-long relationship with Gerard. But a forced relationship never works. Even worse, it comes to an end even faster.

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