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Adonis Graham, My Man Freestyle: The Lyrics Meaning


“My Man Freestyle,” written by Adonis Graham & Lil E$$o, is a song released on the 15th of October, 2023. It is a debut single from a child artist featured at the end of Drake’s song, Daylight. The meaning of “My Man Freestyle” lyrics expresses Drake’s protective love for his son Adonis Graham and their father-son bond. This song is about the protective instincts of Drake for his son as a father figure. The full song was released on Adonis’ sixth birthday as a gift to him.

You can listen to Adonis Graham’s “My Man Freestyle” below.

Official Music Video of “My Man Freestyle” by Adonis Graham

Adonis Graham, My Man Freestyle: The Lyrics Meaning

The chorus of “My Man Freestyle” lyrics by Adonis Graham begins with the lines “Don’t talk to my man like that // I like it when you like it // My, my, my, my man.” These lines are repeated twice in this chorus. The repetition means Adonis has Drake’s back to support him through thick and thin. Drake has gained many sworn enemies during his career. But with this song, his son warns his enemies to proceed with caution if they are making any bad moves against his father. We all know Pusha T claimed Drake was “hiding a child” from the world in his sensational song, “The Story of Adidon”. But Adonis says his stance is clear that he supports his father no matter what by claiming Drake with the phrase “my man”. The phrase “I like it when you like it” means Adonis approves of his likes and dislikes as per Drake’s likes and dislikes.

In the first verse of the song, Adonis Graham shows reciprocation to Drake’s efforts to show him love as a father. Adonis sings, “You know which one you want // I don’t care which one you want // You can take whatever // I don’t care what you do.” This means Adonis loves and supports his father regardless of what choices he makes in life. The line, “I will always, watchin’ for you” means Adonis will always be watching his father’s back to protect him from harm.

The second verse of “My Man Freestyle” lyrics by Adonis Graham talks about driving small cars and using his iPad to greet his father. Adonis sings, “Ten thousand days and I know // Ten thousand weekends and you know // Ten thousand hours and you know // Ten thousand everything and you know.” These lines mean that Adonis is aware of the importance of time in life and they show the bond that has developed between Drake and Adonis as father and son over the years. The last line “And you know how much (Ha-how)” means how his son is excited to spend time with his father, Drake.

In the third verse of the song, Adonis Graham sings, “I don’t fake it, I don’t lick it.” He conveys maturity with his realness even as a six-year-old. Adonis sings, “You don’t want to eat a lollipop // I don’t know who sells ice pops // I don’t know who sells lollipops.” These lines show the equivalence of luxury cars for the adults as materialistic things with lollipops and ice pops as materialistic things for children. We can say Adonis is not interested in materialistic things for his age. He likes to stay true to himself and he doesn’t go after things that do not interest him.

Context: My Man Freestyle Meaning

Everybody knows Adonis Graham is a son of Drake. But Pusha T was the man who broke this news out to the world with his sensational diss track towards Drake, “The Story of Adidon“. Ever since that day, Drake hasn’t seen eye-to-eye with Pusha T as well as Kanye West. “My Man Freestyle” was briefly featured in Drake’s song “Daylight” from his new 2023 album, For All The Dogs. The complete song was released on the occasion of Adonis’ sixth birthday on Drake’s YouTube Channel and his Instagram page. As Adonis Graham claims Drake as “my man” in “My Man Freestyle” lyrics, Drake claims Adonis as “my son” as well.

Happy birthday my son…MY MAN FREESTYLE OUT NOW.

Drake’s Caption on Instagram During “My Man Freestyle” Release

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