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Revealing Complete Bad Bunny ‘Safaera’ Lyrics Meaning in English


Bad Bunny – Safaera Lyrics Meaning

Hello everyone, Laviasco here. You can find me on Twitter @laviasco as well. Give me a follow. Bad Bunny, the name itself sounds like a physical twist. It is a great physical attraction. “Safaera” is constructed on lovers, especially in stints of the singer being attracted to whom the song is dedicated to. Essentially, what the singers are assigned with on this track is jotting down their promising wordplays conveying their commitment to a specific woman. Let’s learn the hidden meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Safaera’ by Bad Bunny, only at Laviasco, in English.

Introduction: Safaera Lyrics

Certainly, Safaera, an everyday phrase from Puerto Rico, refers to a notion akin to rough, physical affection. In a huge vision, this is exactly what Bad Bunny craves to do with the highlight of the song. The Chorus section of this track is primarily coined in the expectation that today will be the day that the musicians feel fortunate enough to talk to the woman who has arrested the sinful gaze that is really entitling them to be there with her.

Safaera Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the hidden dirty meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Safaera’ by Bad Bunny section-wise, only at Laviasco, in the English language.

[Intro/ Refrain: Randy Nota Loca, Jowell, Bad Bunny & Ñengo Flow]

This section of ‘Safaera’ by Bad Bunny highlights the physical appearance of his partner and the singers are are impressed by their respective partners. They are looking for favors that are considered derogatory. The singers appreciate the physical outlook and they adore their partner so much. They want to get close to their respective lovers and simply want to spend some time together.

[Verse 1/ 2: Randy Nota Loca & Ñengo Flow]

Randy comments on the physical appearance of the partner he likes. He gives insensitive remarks cause his partner is simply on delicates. The first verse for ‘Safaera’ has the love of spending time with him for fun to wake him up when he is asleep. In the second verse, he wants to be proud of her in front of his friends. Then, they want to try their twist of having fun from explicitly stated innuendo.

[Verse 3/ 4/ 5: Randy Nota Loca, Bad Bunny & Alexis, Jowell]

The third verse for ‘Safaera’ gets the singer to act like a masculine figure and to be enjoyable than the other in the pack. He really wants to get high and euphoric to experience that level of physical attraction. Bad Bunny comes with a very funny fourth verse where he explains his fantasy. The fifth verse of the song basically talks about how attracted he is when he is around and what does he want to try with his lover.

Conclusion: Safaera Meaning

This concept is not certainly cultural in their strategy, somewhat plunging into lecherous lyrics that vacate small room to the ingenuity. In realizing so, they pinpoint specific bodily traits that have absolutely piqued. But at least he leaves the partner alone when she says no as mentioned in ‘Yo Perreo Sola‘. Overall, the song is really exciting.

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