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blink-182 – EDGING: Lyrics Meaning & Tom DeLonge Returns


blink-182 – EDGING Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of ‘EDGING’ lyrics by blink-182 is about the band coming back together with Tom after leaving fans brokenhearted for 10 years. This song is the first single released from their forthcoming ninth album. blink-182 announced their comeback with a promotional video uploaded to YouTube on the 11th of October, 2022. On this very day, after months of gossip, blink-182 revealed that founding member, Tom DeLonge, was back in the band.

Promotional Video of ‘EDGING’ by blink-182

Tom DeLonge took his spot back from Matt Skiba, who had substituted for DeLonge when he finally quit the band in 2015. After the rumors of their comeback, their biggest hits such as “All The Small Things” and “I Miss You” were trending online. Now, they have announced a world tour set for 2023. The band couldn’t be together with so much going on since 2005. Travis Barker’s plane crash in 2005 and frequent discussions about the future of the band led up to its split.

You can locate the official audio of ‘EDGING’ by blink-182 below. Also, you can read the rest of the article while the song plays for you in the background.

Official Audio of EDGING by blink-182

EDGING Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics to ‘EDGING’ by blink-182 talk about their on-and-off situation leaving their fans brokenhearted and mischievous. They are singing about quirky topics such as romantic interests, and praying rituals, and leaving fans brokenhearted. Boyband blink-182 understands that they have put their brand value in mess and now they are back to fix it. Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘EDGING’ by blink-182 line by line in detail.

‘EDGING’ means something that forms an edge or border but with blink-182, it’s about making love to their romantic interests.

[Verse 1: Tom DeLonge & Mark Hoppus]

I ain’t that cool, a little … in the head
They’ll be hangin’ me quick when I’m back from the …
Get the rope, get the rope
Get the rope, get the rope

I’m a … rock kid, I came from … with a curse
She tried to pray it away, so I … her in church
Don’t you know? Don’t you know?
Don’t you know? Yeah, don’t you know?

Verse 1 to ‘EDGING’ Lyrics by blink-182


Of course, Tom DeLonge begins the first verse with ‘EDGING’ lyrics with a self-deprecating line implying he is not cool. Many fans disagree with that cause without him, the whole band got messy. He is scared that his fans might not be as happy to see him. The verse then talks about being born with the curse of being unlikeable and socially awkward. When the fans turn to him with surprised looks on their faces, the singer simply asks “don’t you know?”

[Pre-Chorus: Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus/ Bridge]

They say “You’re not safe here if I
Stay with a knife that sharp”

Pre-Chorus 1 to ‘EDGING’ Lyrics by blink-182

I know there’s a special place in …
That my friends and I know well
There’s a perfect place to go
When it’s time to lose control

Pre-Chorus 2 to ‘EDGING’ Lyrics by blink-182

Nightmare, daydream (Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no)
You can’t save me (Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no)

Bridge to ‘EDGING’ Lyrics by blink-182


The bandmates feel like they are not safe in the music industry. So, they tell each other to stay with a sharp knife in the pre-chorus to ‘EDGING’ lyrics by blink-182. Here is the precise moment when blink-182 decided to name the song ‘EDGING’ as they were singing about the knife that is sharp. But they have plans even after they pass away. In the bridge section of the lyrics, the singer talks about having nightmares and daydreaming about their return. They acknowledge it’s not going to be easy.

[Chorus: Tom DeLonge & Mark Hoppus]

No way, no, I leave them broken-hearted
Oh no, look at the mess we started
Oh no, I leave the broken hearts this way (…!)
Oh no, I leave the broken hearted
Oh no, look at the mess we started
Oh no, I leave the broken hearts this way
Whatcha say? Everyday, it’s a waste, wanna play?

Chorus to ‘EDGING’ Lyrics by blink-182


In the chorus section to ‘EDGING’ lyrics by blink-182, both Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus show how they are feeling guilty to the fans. Any band in the music industry without its fans is useless. They realize the damage they have done to their brand. blink-182 feels sorry for leaving all the fans brokenhearted. Although we should understand that they have their own reasonings behind the mess they have created. Let’s enjoy the art and music as they come to us.

[Verse 2: Mark Hoppus]

Yea, don’t be fooled, I’m only letting you down
They pursue me on foot, but I hid in the crowd
Like a ghost, like a ghost
Like a ghost, like a ghost
The seats of my car are filled with cigarette burns
I got a fire in my eye, a little … on my shirt
Let’s hit the road, hit the road
Hit the road, hit the road

Verse 2 to ‘EDGING’ Lyrics by blink-182


In the second verse to ‘EDGING’ lyrics, Mark Hoppus tells us that he knows he let us (the fans) down. Even when people were trying to know what happened to the band, he was hiding in the crowd. He calls himself a ghost cause he didn’t really want to be in the public eye and explain his circumstances. With that came a lack of purpose in his life. The seats of Mark’s car were filled with cigarette burns. In that period, all he did was hit the road and travel.

‘EDGING’ means ​something that forms the border or edge of something but with blink-182 it’s related to their comeback. Sure, they have broken the hearts of their fans. But everyone has reasoning for what they do. After 10 years, they have decided to put their differences aside and come back to give us their music. It’s something we all should appreciate. Let’s welcome their comeback warmly.

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