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War Between Media and Cardi B – Press Lyrics Review


Cardi B – Press Lyrics Review

Cardi B is well known for her intense affection for wealth. In the process of trying to acquire everything the materialistic world has to offer, Cardi B has not stepped back from any money making opportunities, whether it be the controversial brand deals or public feud with other artists in the industry. This time, however, Cardi is taking shots at the mainstream media. According to Genius Lyrics, Cardi talks about the defamatory articles about her intentional decisions and basically tells her audience that she is unbothered by them in her new single ‘Press’. Let’s review the lyrics of the song Press by Cardi B.


The song has a loud mixup of trap instrumentals and vocal delivery. Cardi B is one of the most in-demand rappers at the moment. According to Genius Lyrics, ‘Press’ is a highly anticipated single after the release of ‘Please Me’ with Bruno Mars in February 2019. The track is attached to a very provocative album cover which is certainly making statements about the relationship between Cardi B as a celebrity and the press. Let’s review the track and see if Cardi B has talked about the statements in the lyrics of the song ‘Press’.

[Verse 1]

She be talking that shit, talkin’ out of her neck (Brr)
Put blood on her dress (Woo)
Bitches be mad when they see Cardi step in the spot (Woah)
Said that you ’bout it, we know that you not

The rapper explains her success has changed the behaviors of the people around her in the first verse of the song. Cardi B talks about the popularity of fame chasing phenomenon in the music industry. She talks about people wanting to feud with her for the sake of bad press in her side. It is evident that people are using Cardi’s attention to get multiple shoutouts.


Cardi don’t need more press
Kill ’em all, put them hoes to rest
Walk in, bulletproof vest
Please tell me who she gon’ check
Murder scene, Cardi made a mess

Cardi B admits to causing a lot of mess so as to gain attention from the media. However, not all of her attempts have resulted in success in her career’s portfolio. Some of them have made career-ending headlines for her, of which she doesn’t seem to be very proud.

[Verse 2]

Part I

Ding dong
Must be that whip that I ordered
And a new crib for my daughter
You know a bad bitch gon’ spoil her

In this part of the second verse, Cardi B shows her role as a mother. To be honest, Cardi B as a parental figure is not a good example for the children growing up while listening to her music. The rapper has talked about spoiling her child in the song which could lead children listening to her music asking their parents to buy unnecessary stuff for them.

Part II

Done with the talkin’, I’m open to violence
Ask anybody, they know I’m about it
Hashtag whip that ho ass
Fuck around, we gon’ start a new challenge

Let’s review the lyrics in the second verse of the song ‘Press’ by Cardi B. The rhyming patterns in this section of the second verse are very weak and funny to some extent. The lines end up with badly mixed rhyming pattern with a series of words like ‘violence’, ‘it’, ‘ass’ and ‘challenge’, ending the song. However, in the track, Cardi B somehow manages to sing the lines without sounding off from the beat.


Press is definitely one of the most aggressive performances by Cardi B. The writing on the track however is not the best. There are basic wordplays and the rhyme patterns are weakly coherent which is mentioned above. The hook of the song is functional which at the end sounds a little clunkier, which seems like a weird end tail for the song. However, the lyrics on the track are hard-hitting and exciting with no remorse expressed. However, the track fails to express the analysis on why the press is obsessed with Cardi B.


The track ‘Press’ stirs around interference of the press in Cardi’s life. The song revolves around a key point, i.e. everything Cardi does end up being a headline. The irony is Cardi B admits that the headlines are being created by her not so very good behaviors which don’t always turn out well for her. In conclusion, ‘Press’ is an okay cut despite being not so catchy.

Personal Take

I give ‘Press’ by Cardi B a light 05/10 in the Lyrics Review category. The song is not so well performed and is not so well written. It’s just merely passable.

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