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Analyzing DaBaby ‘BOP’ Lyrics Meaning & Being Able To Dance On Rap Beat


DaBaby – BOP Lyrics Meaning

DaBaby has promptly earned a title in the music world for himself as one of the nicest when it appears to music videos. The rapper is well-known for invariably giving engaging visuals for his songs. DaBaby’s music video for his song ‘BOP’ is no unusual when it comes to creativity. The song is accentuating some remarkable choreography and a ton of cheerful imagery. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘BOP’ by DaBaby.

Introduction: BOP Lyrics DaBaby

DaBaby is at his biggest when he’s stringing together the commitments with the pace and confidence of an accustomed car salesman. The rapper is a graduate-degree massive talker, abstaining from the statutes laid down by the label so as to finish his record simply to glance at boat rates. He appears to be most interested in bearing up nice public impressions, giving rise to even the mundane seem captivating. 

BOP Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘BOP’ by DaBaby section-wise.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Interlude]

In the intro section of the song, the rapper DaBaby mentions another rapper named Lil Baby. DaBaby further continues into the chorus section by saying he wants some smash hit records on his name, as the title of the song suggests, a BOP. Then, the rapper goes further down in his lyrics with a big flex about the wealth that he has accumulated in his music career. The flex continues to be accelerating onto the beauty of his girlfriend, the exotic vacations he’s been on, and a ton of smoke.

[Verse 1/ Outro]

DaBaby is no stranger to brawling and to the street fights that can send someone to coma. In the first few lines of the verse, the rapper seems to be alluding to one of his violent attacks on one of his own fans. The rapper has made it very clear that his only intention is real money and good deals. Anything that comes outside of this lane isn’t going to influence his energy level. The rapper talks less but has huge ambitions to get wealthy with the help of real estates.

In this song, DaBaby whereabouts Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics, fiddling on a saying, “this dick ain’t free” from his ‘For Free? (Interlude)‘. Whereas Kendrick’s intention of using the term could be inferred as a common message about women trading their bodies to survive and gender parity, DaBaby encompasses the phrase in a tongue-in-cheek manner to articulate how is he wealthy, but he anticipates his girl to act the way he wants for his liking.

[Verse 2]

DaBaby isn’t the type of guy to follow the norms and rules of society. He follows the opportunities instead of traditional beliefs regarding a lot of things. However, DaBaby gets called out for having similar flows and similar beats in almost all of his songs. As extensively as his record label needs him to act on the record when DaBaby is out in California, he cannot rest but get on to finding out what the current price of a ‘boat’ is. He could be inferred to a real boat, with a probable dual meaning subsisting a “boat” as the feelings after getting high.

Conclusion: BOP Meaning DaBaby

DaBaby is the artist on the rise and everyone is trying their best to feature with him. He has collaborated with Camila Cabello on ‘My Oh My’. Recently, Drake was spotted with him which followed a ton of rumors about Drake signing a deal with DaBaby. Is he the next rising star? What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘BOP’ by DaBaby? Let us know in the comments section below.

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