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Funny Eminem ‘Those Kinda Nights’ Lyrics Meaning With Ed Sheeran


Eminem ‘Those Kinda Nights’ Lyrics Meaning With Ed Sheeran

The song ‘Those Kinda Nights’ is the fifth song from Eminem’s latest album, Music to Be Murdered By. Interestingly, this track features Ed Sheeran, with whom he has collaborated in two tracks before and they are Remember the Name and River. The intro of the song is backed by Bizarre and Ed Sheeran. There are a few mentions of the rapper D12 and 50 Cents in this song. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Those Kinda Nights’ by Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran.

Introduction: Those Kinda Nights Lyrics

In this song, the rapper takes his fans to the typical Eminem moment that commenced with The Slim Shady LP. Here, Eminem is reevaluating the tropes and issues that inaugurated the world to his alter ego, Slim Shady. In this lyrical song, Slim Shady coats us with an image of a hormone-elicited and narcotic-provoked story of one momentous twilight while narrating the story in the form of unstoppable and funny rhymes.

Those Kinda Nights Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Those Kinda Nights’ by Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran section-wise.

[Verse 1: Eminem & Ed Sheeran]

Eminem recalls the beats used in this song as something D12 group would come up with for their songs. This means the beat used in this song is dark. The rapper goes back to those days when he was used to partying with D12 band members. He vividly remembers the time when he was flirting with a stripper in the club. Then, he compares this girl with a high profile person, Miss Ohio, and he mistakes her to be a Bengali girl wearing a maxi. The girl was so offended by Eminem’s remarks that she threw the liquor at him and went on to do her job.

[Chorus: Ed Sheeran]

Then, there comes Ed Sheeran who literally says if she wants to party with the high-class rich boys, then the bills for the drinks will be paid by them. She can wear the brightest red dress she can find for them for the night. By the time Ed Sheeran and Eminem arrive at the venue, she wouldn’t want to leave them until the next morning. They are up in the club all partying and having fun in each other’s company. The artists like it when the girl moves her body around them. Everyone is having fun and everyone is getting wasted by the excessive liquor.

[Verse 2: Eminem]

Smart Eminem wordplay comes here in the lyrics of the second verse of Those Kinda Nights as well. In the first verse, Eminem referenced the beats produced by D12 to be a little darker and now he is relating this to his relationship with his ex, Kim. In this verse, Eminem finds a girl who acknowledges him just because he is popular. But she has no idea what his music sounds like.

Then, out of nowhere, Eminem questions if she is straight. Here, he could have been trying to either know if she is drunk or figures out her sexuality. She responds to him saying she is a bisexual girl thinking Eminem was just looking for a one-night stand. Then, he references Fat Joe with a “lean back” reference at the end of the second verse.

[Verse 3: Eminem]

Here, at the start of the third verse, Eminem responds with a shock. He is channeling this incident of a candle’s fire going out during the event of heavy breeze or air thumping on the candle. The rapper then smartly inquires the girl to give him fe****io. Eminem then took her to her car and later asked if he could pull over. She was fine with it and the rapper really believes that he found a girl worth knowing inside the club, which is a rare occurrence.

Even though he finds her worthy of his time, he doesn’t like the fact that she is out there having fun with multiple men. Therefore, Eminem really cannot put her in his circle. This is probably because Eminem is proud of who he is and he thinks she is a nobody. Thus, he says he is high on substance, and she is a bisexual looking for fun. Therefore, this marks the last interaction between Eminem and her. He is talking about “those kinda nights” in this song.

Conclusion: Those Kinda Nights Meaning

The track is super funny with Eminem trying to get what he wants from a girl. Here, the singers recall such nights in this song and frankly, it’s flattering to know that such high-class rich people would go out to the streets once again to have fun. This song contemplates the fact that we meet interesting people once in a while. However, we need to know our worth before giving our all to them. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Those Kinda Nights’ by Eminem with Ed Sheeran? Let us know in the comments section below.

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