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Eminem ‘Premonition’ Lyrics Meaning Is a Response To His Haters


Eminem – Premonition Lyrics Meaning

‘Premonition’ is the opening song of Eminem’s 11th studio album ‘Music-to-be-murdered-by’. Eminem surprised his fans with his album yet again just like he did with his last album ‘Kamikaze’. In this album, the rapper sings about the reception of his last few albums. Eminem is indisputably the most dangerous Godzilla of the music industry. Anything that he speaks turns into fire. Let’s learn the deeper meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Premonition’ by Eminem.

Introduction: Premonition Lyrics

In ‘Premonition’ Eminem sings about the criticism he got for previous albums like ‘Revival’ which was released back in 2017. It got the most hate and was considered one of the weakest Eminem albums because of pop-features and “horrible” lyrics. In 2018, his surprise album ‘Kamikaze’ responded to all the hate he got in the last album. In Kamikaze he has attacked all the mumble rappers as well. Eminem got the idea for the name of this album from an intro of Music-to-be-murdered-by which was released back in 1958 by Alfred Hitchcock.

Premonition Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Premonition’ by Eminem section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Part I

Eminem starts with singing about the criticisms and hate he got for the last album. In the first lines, Em made remarks about the singer who dissed him, especially when at attacked DJ Akademiks on calling his album trash. On this dissed people started calling Eminem bitter because he couldn’t take other people’s opinions and handle criticism. He further said that he was once considered a national treasure and greatest rapper of all time but now people think otherwise.

Eminem still thinks he is the greatest, he still gets money by dropping these albums but it’s not about the money. If he drops a bad album, he still makes millions of it. The rapper has enough money and even if he decides to quit rapping, he is still set for life. He dissed many rappers in last album Kamikaze, on which people called him out as bitter, offensive and slim shady with a fragile ego.

The rapper then compares himself with the American football greatest quarterback Tom Brady, when at 42 he faces a lot of questions about asking if he still has it and his retirement but every year Tim proved everyone wrong. Em is saying that he gets the same treatment as him because he isn’t done making music. The music is still left in him.

Part II

Eminem mentions that he was once considered GOAT and his music was played everywhere once again but when he responded to the hate he got, people called him slim shady with full of rage and hatred. The rapper specifically addressed one critic that his fans and his haters wanted him to collaborate with Dr. Dre sarcastically that how bad is songs are now. He further said that people called whiner because he couldn’t take criticism but he said he could take hate and give back as diss.

The rapper distantly mentioned the lyric of song Not Alike which many people interpreted as dissing 2 Chainz and Jay-Z but he feels the same way from them because lately, they both got criticism for their long careers. Eminem dissed everyone again just by two lines that he if is half as good he was, is still twice as good as everyone else right now. He further said that if anybody wants to miss him again, he will murder them by his words.

Conclusion: ‘Premonition’ Meaning Eminem

Eminem responding to criticism and hate is now of his albums now. In this song, em comments on his entire career, from undisputed and greatest of all time till the recent hate and backlash on his projects. He mentions new-gen rapper that thinks they are better than OGs but he still makes more money for the album they think is trash. Let us know in the comments what do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Premonition’ by Eminem.

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    What did eminem mean by “B*, if I was as half as good as I was
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    Only way that you’re ahead of me’s alphabetically
    ‘Cause if you diss me I’m coming after you like the letter V”, and who was he talking to

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      when someone disses you, your reputation falls like the \ of V and he hits back and his reputation goes back up lik /, hence V.

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