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Gigi Hadid Calls Out YouTuber Jake Paul & Defends Her Boyfriend Zayn Malik


Gigi Hadid Calls Out YouTuber Jake Paul & Defends Her Boyfriend Zayn Malik

We’ve always found Jake Paul pathetic and inauthentic when it comes to honing against him. This time he has gone to another level so as to ruin his own personal reputation. YouTuber Jake Paul went on Twitter with an intention to disseminate the defamatory rejection that came from Zayn Malik with his fans and Gigi Hadid wasn’t impressed by it. The conversation went as far as to Gigi Hadid calling Jake Paul ugly and irrelevant to Zayn Malik as well as to herself.

What happened between Jake Paul & Gigi Hadid?

In a now-deleted tweet, whose picture is down below, Jake Paul was trying to throw shades at Zayn Malik for giving him “an attitude” when all he was trying to do was hang out with him. Gigi Hadid clapped back at Jake Paul for being immature to think as though Zayn Malik owes his time and friendship to him. But it’s not surprising to see Gigi Hadid coming to defend her boyfriend.

As we all know it very well that Gigi Hadid is a peaceful person when it comes to initiating an internet feud with someone. But as soon as Jake Paul added the term “home alone” in his tweet, that must have hurt the former One Direction member Zayn Malik’s girlfriend. She just couldn’t take this non-sense and has a zero-tolerance for it.

Immaturity of Jake Paul

While dissing Zayn Malik, instead of using the correct spelling for his name, Jake Paul went forward to use “and” to reference the former One Direction singer. He called him “a little guy with an attitude.” The YouTuber asserts that Zayn was being rude to him when all he was doing is “being nice” to Malik. But we all know what “being nice” is to Jake Paul. His track record of being mean and foolish on the internet is basically unstoppable.

Gigi Hadid To The Rescue

After the YouTuber Jake Paul tweeted out a defamatory remark about Zayn Malik while adding that he is “home alone”, Gigi Hadid felt as though her relationship to her boyfriend was getting insulted. She isn’t letting anyone get over her head and insult her and her boyfriend like that. Gigi Hadid went as far as to calling Jake Paul and his YouTube crew embarrassing.

She further added to the tweet saying Zayn is inside the big hotel room with his respectable friends like a king along with his queen, aka herself, by his side. Hadid calls him ugly and irrelevant to both herself and Malik. Plus, they are unbothered by his attention-seeking strategy and she is willing to declare war on him. Then, she closed the tweet saying “Go to bed …”

Conclusion: Feud Involving Gigi Hadid, Jake Paul, and Zayn Malik

Paul and Zayn seem to have jogged into one another in Las Vegas. There Malik visited the high-profile boxing game between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder on Saturday night. He uploaded a picture of the pre-flight moment on Twitter. We all know Gigi Hadid is known for not taking any nonsense from anyone. This time was no exception to this supermodel. It’s only fair for her if she stood up for her integrity and her commitment to her handsome boyfriend.


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