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Gunna & Future ‘pushin P’ Lyrics Meaning Analysis 🅿


Gunna & Future – pushin P Lyrics Meaning

What in the world is ‘Pushin P’? Why can’t I simply work out without having to listen to this? The answer is simple, you must listen to it. Every fitness center and influencer is playing this song during workout sessions. Gunna & Future have tied up to jot down the lyrics for ‘pushin P’ which carries the meaning of keeping it real.

Gunna, on his Instagram Live, said ‘pushin P’ means keeping it real. ‘P’ was initially set to mean ‘player’ and ‘pushin P’ could mean ‘pushing and motivating a player’.

Introduction: pushin P Lyrics

The meaning of ‘pushin P’ has been so polarising that even people in the circle of Gunna and Future have started to use the lyrics. From Lebron James to Nike talking about ‘pushin P’, it has become an international sensation. Every kid down your block might be uttering ‘pushin P’, it is that mainstream.

Yeah, pushin’ P, turn me up
Turn me up, P, uh-ah

pushin P Lyrics, Gunna & Future

pushin P Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘pushin P’ by GunnaFuture section-wise in detail.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Outro: Young Thug, Gunna & Future]

The intro and chorus sections of the song are more catchy and popular. Rappers have rhymed ‘pushin P’ in the most articulate way possible. It is exactly why the lyrics have been appealing to the masses. The strategic repetition of the phrase ‘pushin P’ is the secret behind the success of the song.

[Verse 1: Gunna & Future]

In the first verse, the rappers are flaunting the items they own such as the Patek Philippe watch and chain. We can hear them talking about hustling and wanting no peaceful breaks even when it’s extremely necessary. They have chimed into talking about lesbian people by replacing “l” with “p” as ‘Pesbian’, which means she is attracted to Pluto, or simply put, Future.

[Verse 2: Young Thug, Gunna & Future]

Here, they sing about purchasing a Lamborghini. The wordplay using ‘P’ has been amazing. Rappers can buy Porsche, which starts with a P, over illegal substances. They believe that they are too high status and wealthy to reply to the texts. This is why he lets his girlfriend forward his messages for him. It’s pretty cool to be ‘pushin P’.

DaBaby Freestyle on pushin P

From Lebron James to now DaBaby, everyone is jumping on the ‘pushin P’ hype. DaBaby freestyles the beat of the song which has garnered a lot of attention as of right now. With the song gaining cultural relevance, we can only be right if we see Gunna as a megastar in the upcoming days. Let’s hope it works for him.

Conclusion: pushin P Meaning

Every fitness influencer on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube have been have been keeping it real with ‘pushin p’. The meaning of ‘pushin P’ is pushing positivity to be as productive as possible. It is essential to remember that every song is subjected to our understanding and perception.

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