What Does Hobo Johnson “Romeo & Juliet” Lyrics Meaning Reveal About Divorce?


Hobo Johnson – Romeo & Juliet Lyrics Meaning

The song “Romeo & Juliet” by Hobo Johnson is trying to explore the dynamics of a certain household after a divorce. Hello everyone, this is Laviasco. You can find me on Twitter @laviasco as well. Being raised up by a divorced family, the singer has a lot to tell us about his personal experiences. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Romeo & Juliet” by Hobo Johnson where he has revealed the consequences of a divorce in a family.

“Romeo & Juliet” by Hobo Johnson is inspired by the consequences of a gnarly divorce inside his own family. The lyrics to the song have a meaning pertaining to the impacts of the separation in his personal life.

Introduction: Romeo & Juliet Lyrics Hobo Johnson

In the lyrics for “Rome & Juliet,” Hobo Johnson is trying to become relatable to people whose parents are divorced. The singer is trying to characterize Romeo and Juliet differently than William Shakespeare. He is seemingly trying to portray these characters as his current self and his future self. However, another possibility could be the fact that he is trying to portray them as his parents and the impacts of their divorce that he had to face.

The lyrics for “Romeo & Juliet” takes a toll on the meaning behind William Shakespeare’s famous novella. Hobo Johnson is trying to get its message across by trying to act as an inspiration for people who are going through a similar situation.

Romeo & Juliet Lyrics Meaning Hobo Johnson

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Romeo & Juliet” by Hobo Johnson section-wise in detail.

The meaning behind the lyrics for the song “Romeo & Juliet” by Hobo Johnson comes as an inspiration to children that are growing up in a household with divorced parents. He wants to be an inspirational figure to such children.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Bridge]

In the Intro, Chorus, and Bridge sections of “Romeo & Juliet,” Hobo Johnson compares children getting into narcotics overdose to the story involving venom from the original William Shakespeare’s book. A quote mentioned below is literally cited from Romeo and Juliet that Romeo says while he is secretly looking at Juliet as she looks outside the balcony at her palace. The intention of the line from Shakespeare might as well hint to imply that they’ve haven’t slept the whole night. However, the choice of the line is barely a thoughtful manner to clutter with the notion of a precise affair.

But soft what light, thru yonder window breaks? It is the east

Romeo and Juliet

[Verse 1]

The meaning behind the lyrics of “Romeo & Juliet” by Hobo Johnson in the first verse is lovely and simple. However, they also reveal how Frank was influenced by his parent’s divorce. His desire to become an artist was pushed by his journey of homelessness after a confrontation with his dad and stepmother got him forsaken. The bed which he had since he was 7 is a metaphor for how he perceived affairs as a kid because of the situation of his parents. This psyche creates a hard scenario for him to find a partner for himself.

[Verse 2]

Even though the artist believes his affair can survive eternally, his partner doesn’t think a similar way. The singer is worried that someday she will follow the viewpoint of Juliet so as to end the connection. Hobo Johnson also conveys the meaning of the song “Romeo & Juliet” from his younger self. He is using this metaphor to talk about divorce and tumbling out of love like his parents. Then, he highlights the patterns of alienation and divorce, which is raising emotionally broken children who promise to not make the same mistakes.

[Verse 3]

In the lyrics for “Romeo & Juliet,” Hobo Johnson says he celebrated two Christmases because his parents separated. However, he wasn’t invited by either of them for festivals in the coming years. He is happy about it as it resulted in occasional tears. The singer would have fewer expectations and unusual important recollections to bear. Then, he shifts to interpreting his definitive problem. According to him, this would pertain to the family all being together. He thinks it is rewarding sufficiently for the children to not care for missing out on the likelihood of receiving gifts during Christmas.


In the outro of “Romeo & Juliet,” Hobo Johnson is citing to the story of Adam and Eve. He correlates his mother to Eve (and accordingly, his father to Adam). In his tale, the singer is saying, it appears that the “snake” was possibly an ex of his mother (ruling on by the wording of “came back”), who wanted her out on a date. Then, she began to formulate lets off about it when his father discovered the reality. The whole story talks to the singer’s incapability as a child to justify and cleanse the turmoil, and the weakness he felt at that moment.

Conclusion: Romeo & Juliet Meaning Hobo Johnson

The meaning of the song “Romeo & Juliet” by Hobo Johnson reflects on his dark childhood. It is obvious that the psyche and the thought process of the artist are irreparable at this point. However, he is pushing himself in a creative direction to let out his feelings.

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