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Jhené Aiko – None of Your Concern Lyrics Meaning

Jhené Aiko has reunited with her estranged ex-boyfriend, Big Sean, for her new song titled ‘None of Your Concern’. In the song, the parted couple reflect on their failed relationship and their attempts to move on. Every relationship has a flaw. However, the beauty lies in the way we try to fix them. The beautiful moments are hidden behind the ways in which we try to deal with the problems in our relationship. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘None of Your Concern’ by Jhené Aiko.

The song was released along with accompanying visuals on November 15, 2019. The video featured Jhené and Sean in an exotic location, crooning about love. According to The Rolling Stone, in the video, both artists are seen in different parts of a tropical paradise – Aiko in a peaceful house of bamboo, Sean on an empty lava field by the sea. Watch the music video of the song embedded at the end of this article.

Introduction: None of Your Concern Lyrics

In the lyrics of the song ‘None of Your Concern’, both Aiko and Sean are seen to have been stuck in happier memories. According to MTV, both artists are raw and wounded with sweetly sung verses that hint that the road to healing for them both lies at each other’s feet and that road is named acceptance. People often go as far as saying that the only way you can truly love someone is by accepting all of their flaws and strength.

Guys, I really wouldn’t even be surprised in case they decide to reunite with each other romantically. In his lyrics, Big Sean talks about how he’s been trying to be the best version of himself than to be pursuing another relationship. So, it only makes sense if they get back together. This would be super cute. However, the track seemingly deals with the repercussions of their past relationship and each symbolizes a different faze of their paths towards getting past their breakup.

None of Your Concern Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘None of Your Concern’ by Jhené Aiko section-wise.

[Verse 1: Jhené Aiko]

Jhené Aiko initiates her verse by showing herself in a state of confusion. She’s been contemplating the things that went wrong in her relationship with Big Sean. The headaches that their breakup has brought them are getting healed by meditation. But the problem was getting into a relationship when they could have been good friends instead. Sean wouldn’t let her know his problems and she would be anxious to know what’s going on. But then the reality spectrum hit the couple real hard. She could feel Sean’s feelings fading away.

[Chorus: Jhené Aiko]

Since they do not want to fix their relationship, Aiko says her new life without Sean isn’t his concern anymore. She questions his loyalty and his feelings. Is anything worth it anymore? The singer finds herself left out of what’s going on inside Sean’s mind. Every problem kept adding up until it became too much for each other and they had to break up with each other.

[Verse 2: Jhené Aiko]

Further down her lyrics, Aiko confesses that she’s been hearing things about Sean moving on from her. Sure, the jealousy has pushed her emotions. However, this time she really doesn’t want any kind of beef with her ex-boyfriend. She just wants him to move forward and succeed. But his indecisive character is something she is disappointed in. Therefore, Aiko thinks she is perfect for him, but just as friends.

[Verse 3: Jhené Aiko]

In her last verse, Jhené demands respect from her ex-boyfriend. She’s clearly been through a lot. But she’s moving on from him as well. Therefore, Sean doesn’t get to raise his voice while talking to her. She isn’t his girl anymore. He shouldn’t be worried about who she is dating and what she is doing. Sean shouldn’t be doing this because she isn’t his anymore. Such a burn to an ex. I can’t even get enough of the song.

[Verse 4: Big Sean, Ty Dolla $ignwith Ty Dolla $ign]

After a lot of ranting from Aiko in her verses, Big Sean is getting support from Ty Dolla $ign to talk about his side in the relationship. Sean says he knew about the issues that she had had with him. But it’s true that he really hasn’t tried to fix the issues that they had with each other. He wants to make it clear that he isn’t trying to control who Aiko’s been dating. Sean is just trying to let her move forward with someone that matches her aura. What a caring ex!

Further down in his verse, Sean says both of them have crossed the line as well and there is no one to blame other than themselves. He says she will never find someone to replace her because he too was too good for her. In the end, he realizes that it’s none of his concern either. It’s just that he’s trying to be a caring ex who she clearly doesn’t want in her life.

Conclusion: None of Your Concern Meaning

With the tone of the song, it seems the singers are throwing their problems in the lyrics more than they ever did with each other in private. But still, they might end up together pretty soon. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘None of Your Concern’ by Jhené Aiko? Let us know in the comments below.

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