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Juice WRLD ‘Swear’ Lyrics Meaning


Juice WRLD – Swear Lyrics Meaning

‘Swear’ by Juice WRLD is a leaked song and the meaning of its lyrics is about the promises we make in a relationship. Everyone has done it and almost everyone has broken the trust at least once. Here, Juice WRLD is lamenting about having to deal with fake promises.

The song ‘Swear’ by Juice WRLD talks about the fakery of the promises we make in the relationship. Sooner or later, those promises will be broken.

Introduction: Swear Lyrics

‘Swear’ in its literal sense means to make a promise and to keep it. The lyrics of the ‘Swear’ by Juice WRLD is exactly about what it means literally, a promise. On the 14th of March 2022, the person who leaked the song comes forward with a note which says that he leaked the song so that people can enjoy the song.

I tell her that I love her, then she said, “Swear”
So here I am singing this love song showing I care
To fall in love is to take a risk and baby, I’m not scared
I’m only scared when you’re not here, do I make myself clear?

Lyrics to ‘Swear’ by Juice WRLD

Swear Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Swear’ by Juice WRLD line by line in detail.


The first line of the chorus shows a lack of trust in the relationship. When the rapper told his girlfriend that he loves her, she told him to swear it. This is why he jotted down the lyrics and sang a song for her to show how much he loves her. “I’m only scared when you’re not here” means that Juice is scared of losing his partner. The fear of abandonment seems to have been a major trigger for him.

[Verse 1]

“F-O-R-E-V-E-R my love” means that his love for his girlfriend is going to last forever. He doesn’t respond to the other girls that want to be with him. “She’s my Medusa” means that everyone turns into stone when his girlfriend looks at them. So, he is scared of turning in the stone as well and he asks her not to do so.

“planting the seed” means to begin a relationship with someone. “I’m loadin’ up and lettin’ it blow” means that he won’t hesitate to load up his gun if the relationship doesn’t last.

[Verse 2]

The second verse of the song talks about the intimacy they share. Juice WRLD is not a party guy but the only party he likes is when they can get intimate. For him, everything else in life is temporary. But their relationship is permanent. This is what everyone in a relationship promises to his/her partner and they break it more often than not. Then, the verse talks about the cars he owns and the cars that he would like to own.

Conclusion: Swear Meaning

Juice WRLD is singing the song ‘Swear’ to prove to his lover that he truly cares for her. The leak of ‘Swear’ has caused a massive division in the fandom which goes by the name of ‘Juice WRLD army’. Whether or not the leak is morally correct, we are here for the song and the song is still a banger.

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