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What is the Story of Kehlani ‘All Me’ Lyrics Meaning With Keyshia Cole?


Kehlani – All Me Lyrics Meaning With Keyshia Cole

Kehlani is back with a new song that features R&B singer Keyshia Cole in a surprising way. The release of this song was huddled by Kehlani’s fanbase by adopting the #DropTheSongKehlani hashtag. The hashtag went viral on Twitter from a tape that the singer had uploaded where she had danced on the sounds of whistles. This track was speculated to be a teasing chunk of the singer’s next album. However, the Kehlani fans had been continuously proving to her that this track was an urgency to be available in their playlists. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘All Me’ by Kehlani with Keyshia Cole.

Introduction: All Me Lyrics

Kehlani has finally dropped a highly anticipated track after provoking a social media movement by her recent teasers. The singer had no alternative other than release her freshest song ‘All Me’. Honestly, the hype of the song was surprising to Kehlani herself. This means the two Oakland natives, Kehlani and Cole, had to simply release their iconic collaboration, All Me, without even thinking about it.

All Me Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘All Me’ by Kehlani with Keyshia Cole section-wise.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Bridge: Kehlani & Keyshia Cole]

The lyrics in the intro, chorus, and bridge of ‘All Me’ means that the person who is talking to the lovers of Kehlani and Keyshia should know that the singers played a huge role to make him that way. It’s a message to the current romantic interests of the singer’s lovers that they are who they are because the artists made them that way. It’s pretty complicated to interpret but you know what we mean.

[Verse 1: Kehlani]

Kehlani is thinking of the relationship she has with her lover. From trusting every word he utters from his mouth to every joke people are used to hearing from him, they are then changes enforced by Kehlani on her lover. Even when she is stressed out and tired, she never feels that way when she is around him. Therefore, she believes that he has a right to own a special place in her heart and thus tells him to love her all he can. She further proves her point by saying she functions in the best way possible when she is around him.

[Pre-Chorus: Kehlani, Keyshia Cole]

The singer tries to prove her loyalty to her lover by saying she is all about him and she loves nobody other than him. She is so used to having him around her that she could make peace with all the flaws in her as she feels safe around him. Keyshia adds in her part means that both of them want all the attention that they can get from their lovers. Nothing feels assuring and comforting other than the sentiment of “we’re destined to be together”. That’s exactly what the singers want from their lovers.

[Verse 2: Keyshia Cole]

Keyshia and her lover have a unique kind of attachment with each other. She isn’t scared to show her man off. Every time she is by herself, she thinks about the moment that she has had with him recently. However, she never seems to get to the point of boredom when she is around him. They share a bank account together and everyone they’re connected to know that they are seriously in love. She had been waiting for the right person to come into her life. Now that she’s gotten one, she has been able to sleep well in the night after a long time.

Conclusion: All Me Meaning

Everything that people see in the lovers of the artists is all the artists themselves. They’ve grown up with their respective lovers together. It’s such a cute song. However, the voices are extremely chopped off. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘All Me’ by Kehlani with Keyshia Cole? Do you like this collaboration? Let us know what you think about the song in the comments section below.

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