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What is the Importance of Kina ‘Get You The Moon’ Lyrics Meaning?


Kina – Get You The Moon Lyrics Meaning

‘Get You the Moon’ is a joint song between Snøw and Kina. The song elements a soul that is in deep love with another soul. This person chooses to vocalize this track as an homage for all the things that they’ve conquered concurrently. The track touches to the point of typical claims that lovers make, such as “I will get you the moon for you”. Does this mean they will? No. Does this make you feel better? Oh, yes and YES! Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Get You The Moon’ by Kina.

Introduction: Get You The Moon Lyrics

This track is a manifestation of the affection the singer Kina senses towards his romantic interest. To put it simply, the singer cherishes this person so much that if the world had the technology and if he could afford it, he would give his romantic interest the moon without even thinking about it. If the death was following his love, he’d gladly sacrifice herself to keep his love alive and well. Now, that’s the kind of person I want to be with.

Get You The Moon Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Get You The Moon’ by Kina section-wise.


This is the only verse from the song. Here, Kina hasn’t specified his relationship with this mystery persona to whom the song is dedicated to. But it would be fair only if we assume that he is talking about his romantic interest. His romantic interest gave him everything you could ever dream of. He has got the shoulder of his lover whenever he’s needed it as an aid for his pain.

Kina’s romantic interest showed him love when he believed that he is unlovable. The relationship of him with his romantic interest is so special that he has been supported to stand up for himself and fight when he was planning to give in and admit defeat. Everyone wants a progressive relationship that is not draining. When the singer was feeling sad, his romantic interest has always found a way to make him laugh and the list goes on.


The singer says his romantic interest is the only reason why he is around her. He feels satisfied, safe, and comfortable around his romantic interest. This is why he is still hanging on to his lover. On top of that, his love interest is the reason why his head is still above water. The phrases “Still hanging on” and “head still above water” are analogies pertaining to endurance and diligence. The singer basically can’t get over how his romantic interest has assisted him to remain robust and keep going on with life.


The singer stretches out the emotions in the song by asserting that if he could and if it was something under his control, he would have gladly picked up the moon and would have handed it over to the person who has given everything that he had been yearning for. If by chance he were to get the hint of death going after his lover, he’d gladly sacrifice himself to keep his romantic interest safe and alive. These are powerful emotions that we do not find in today’s relationship. However, it doesn’t mean that this doesn’t exist and this is unreal.

Conclusion: Get You The Moon Lyrics

The sentiments in the lyrics of ‘Get You The Moon’ by Kina are very raw and tempting. On the one hand, they look strong and powerful. However, on the other hand, they look toxic and in case anything were to happen to his lover, it would be very hard for him to move on. Regardless, it’s a beautiful song. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Get You The Moon’ by Kina? Let us know in the comments section below.

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