What Is Lady Gaga “911” Lyrics Meaning Trying To Aware Us About?

What Is Lady Gaga “911” Lyrics Meaning Trying To Aware Us About?

Lady Gaga – 911 Lyrics Meaning

This song in particular is the eighth track off of her sixth album, Chromatica. Hello everyone, this is Laviasco. You can find me on Twitter @laviasco as well. We can conclude the across-the-board theory of the tone of the track. The musician admits she does in actuality have a cognitive illness. At the similar time, she thinks, with sufficient toil, that she can win against it. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “911” by Lady Gaga.

The song “911” by Lady Gaga explores the stigma of mental health that it shouldn’t be out in the public. She is spreading awareness that it is absolutely perfect if anyone needs to take help for their mental health.

Introduction: 911 Lyrics Lady Gaga

The lyrics for “911” by Lady Gaga are focused on her insistence, as reiterated in the Chorus section, that she is her own disastrous adversary. Furthermore, as it is comprehensive in the First Verse, she appears to have a self-demeaning intellect. Nonetheless, this is barely a possibility of the singer retaining meager self-esteem. Instead, as the song has brought up, the title of this track is literally an analogy for the medication she should be consuming.

The lyrics for the song “911” by Lady Gaga is precisely hinted towards her cognitive illness. This is undoubtedly her way of coping with the negativity as well as paparazzi following her constantly.

911 Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “911” by Lady Gaga section-wise in detail.

The meaning of “911” by Lady Gaga is the fact that she has discovered her worst enemy. With a series of confusion surrounding her problems, she has finally realized that the problem has been herself all along.

[Verse 1]

Every time we go through something in life, it’s usually something that we’ve already been through previously. In this song, she feels as though she is going through a similar pattern of negative thinking. She wishes to come in peace with her anxiety. However, for some reason, she falls back to the same pattern of negativity. In a way, we all believe that we are in full control of what we think and how we react. However, sometimes it’s simply hard to get through certain things.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/ Bridge]

The singer gets vulnerable in these sections of the song and tells us how she cannot cry. She is trying to numb down the discomfort she’s enduring through medications that decrease emotional responses. Her medications are making it hard for her to show feelings. “911” is an emergency reach and the medications of the singer is giving her an emotional reset. She acknowledges her greatest impediment is herself, conceivably apodictic in the addicting and unhealthy manners communicated in Chromatica.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse of the song, the singer is likely referencing to the portrayal of herself in a public as a “doll.” She feels like her true-self is undesirable to people who are close to her (for instance, her own fanbase). Therefore, she feels the need to stay inside the idea of presenting people with what they want rather than contemplating what she wants. As a celebrity, she feels like her status as an artist is so influential that she would rather meet the interest of people instead of taking her supporters through an emotional rollercoaster


Here, we can find a melancholic appeal for assistance enunciated in an articulate manner, where its subsiding mood. This is the general theme of the song. In the outro section of “911,” Lady Gaga expresses her need to be rescued from her own mi, quiet desperation that’s mirrored by most people who deal with mental illnesses. She is basically asking for help with coping with her emotional distress without wanting to misuse the influence that she has as an artist.

Conclusion: 911 Meaning Lady Gaga

“911” by Lady Gaga is depicting her cry for help in an emergency situation, meaning, it is supposed to help her cope with her emotional trauma. The lyrics in the song is basically a cry for help for an emotional reset.

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “911” by Lady Gaga? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter @laviasco.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “911” by Lady Gaga on Genius in detail.

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    I would recommend using the term “mental illness” instead of “cognitive illness.” Cognitive decline is usually in reference to conditions such as dementia.

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