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Lewis Capaldi – ‘Before You Go’ Lyrics Meaning Longs For a Proper Relationship Closure


Lewis Capaldi – Before You Go Lyrics Meaning

Lewis Capaldi gets personal and emotional in his new song. As always, Lewis has been able to perfectly time the heartbreaking spree upon his new music release to relate to his listeners too well. The song talks about the need and importance of closure in a breakup so that you wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes again. Maybe, pointing out your mistakes might cause you to rage on your ex but it was the same problem that your partner was facing from you. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Before You Go’ by Lewis Capaldi. We won’t dive into the fact that the song was written about Lewis’s late aunt. Instead, we are trying to relate the song with our daily lives in this article.

Did you really think Lewis Capaldi was just going enjoy his holiday season on the back of his massive hit “Someone You Loved”? This song, by the way, is sitting pretty atop the Billboard Hot 100 for the third week in a row. You were wrong all along for thinking about it. He is back with a new single. According to MTV, this song is an inspiring acoustic number with a driving, powerhouse vocal — in other words, usual Lewis Capaldi. On Instagram, Lewis said, ” This song means a lot to me, but it will mean even more if it becomes successful.”

Introduction: Before You Go Lyrics

From his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent in May, Lewis has enjoyed massive success throughout 2019. On Twitter, the singer shares his joys and thankfulness to his listeners for turning his life around. He says it’s his most personal song till the date. But we will only know about it after we decode the meaning behind the lyrics of “Before You Go”, Lewis. We will be the judge of your song. Don’t you worry!

Human life is too short and yet extremely complicated. We can only get perplexed by the overall concept of life, friends, family, and relationships. People come into your life and they just leave. You’ll believe “This is it” for a point. Then, you’ll know “This is the same thing as before”. Yet, we yearn for the comments on why our relationship couldn’t work out with a certain person. We remain too focused on this concept as we don’t always get closures and then, songs like these get released.

Before You Go Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Lewis Capaldi initiates his verse by saying his love for his romantic interest threw him by the wayside. This is a common theme for the heartbroken ones. With every attempt of moving on, the thoughts of “I don’t love you anymore” or “I hate you” might help ease the extreme pain. But in the long run, you know you’re lying to yourself because you love this person. Then, the phase of deep introspection comes to its way. We wish to replace all of our mistakes but we barely know the problems of our failed relationship.


Now, Lewis sits with a harsh reality that there are no other ways to fix the already broken relationship. This type of thought can bring you down to hit the rock bottom. But you know time will heal everything. Even though the time can help you move on to another emotional turmoil, your heartbreak will always be there with you. Your heartbreak will always be your story. Your integrity and dignity are under attack. The pride that you’ve lost, it will never go away from your memories.


Before Lewis finally parts with his ex-partner, he wishes to know if the situation could have changed in any way possible. He desires to know if he could reduce the anxiety induced by him in his partner. The singer feels worthless for not being able to comprehend what his romantic interest must have been feeling all along. So, he wishes to know if there was a way to fix all of these even though he knows it’s too late now. Lewis wants to know his problems so that the same pattern wouldn’t repeat in his next relationship.

[Verse 2]

The singer addresses the mistakes that he thinks were the issues of their relationship failure in the second verse of the song. He could never pick up the phone calls from his lover since he was always very “busy” whenever his phone rang. These small bits compounded to lose the interest of Lewis’s lover in him until there was no bit of interest left in his romantic interest. He is overthinking about the situation even if he doesn’t want to do that. Every time he gets himself into the emotional distress, the face of his romantic interest just appears in his head making it impossible for him to move on.


In the lyrics for the Bridge section of ‘Before You Go’, Lewis Capaldi tries to reconnect with her lover with the imagined meaning behind the “deserved” closure. The singer admits to being emotionally unavailable for his romantic interest when it was needed the most. He subtly asks if everything could have been fixed only if he was available emotionally for his lover. But he knows he will never know the way to get back to his lover. Only his lover knows but it would be harsh for his love to get back together with Lewis.

Conclusion: Before You Go Meaning

People always yearn for proper closure. But the idealistic closure discusses the problems in a relationship. Therefore, people try to avoid closures because they don’t want to go back to the same relationship. It’s better for people if they don’t expect closure from anyone. No one owes you anything! What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi? Let us know in the comments section below.

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