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A Sad Song by Lewis Capaldi ‘Someone You Loved’ Lyrics Meaning About Ex


Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved Lyrics Meaning

Did it ever occur to you that you’re suddenly in a position where you start missing your previous partner? It often happens to me. Lewis has written a whole song about it and the song breaks my heart every time I listen to it. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the sad and heartbreaking song “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi dedicated to his ex.

We are all guilty of looking back into our lives to reflect on what really went wrong after it is too late for a rebound. I mean, we consciously do not want to admit that we are wrong in the heat of the moment even when we actually are wrong! Later, everything adds up during introspection and by the time you realize you might have made a little mistake, it’s already too late.

Introduction: Someone You Loved Lyrics

According to Genius Lyrics, as the meaning for ‘Someone You Loved’, Lewis Capaldi feels as though he gave his previous relationship with everything he could. However, in the end, she left him anyway. This song is written as a token of remembrance for a lass who left him. Since he cannot latch on to his previously failed relationship forever, he now wishes to have someone for him to love. He feels this way primarily because “he misses the way it felt with his ex”.

According to MTV, even though Lewis wrote the song “Someone You Loved” for his ex, it’s more than just a breakup song. Thanks to the public support for this song, Capaldi’s debut album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent also spent six weeks at #1 in his native country. This is quite an achievement for the singer in the music industry. Especially today, when there is competition for recognition and identity in the music industry like never before!

Someone You Loved Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Part I

Every problem stacks over another when you start to overthink. This is a lyrical depiction of pushing our self-worth further down because of our lack of confidence ignited by our relationship failure. However, it’s not the failure in a relationship that causes the actual pain. It’s the feeling of losing someone that was so close to you which causes the pain. The moment you detach yourself from a person you’re still in love with, there is a void that can be felt only at the spiritual level.

However, our physical appearances seem fine. So, no one even bothers to know what is going on inside our minds. Even if we feel courageous enough to break down with someone close to us, what can they do to help our situations anyway? The relationship problems and the pain that comes along with its failures are real!

Part II

According to Lewis Capaldi himself, we tend to look for the options that look fine in the beginning. But as you use them, it’s gambling in real life with our soul placed as a bet. It’s either all at once or none at all. Without that other person there for you, it’s harder to kind of consolidate your thoughts a bit. Eventually, it just feels like everything’s a bit of a muddle.

It’s easier to move on if the relationship was built for physical aspects only. However, if there are actual emotions floating in the air along with love, moving on from that can be devastating. Usually, after a breakup, it almost feels like our ex was dumbing down all the pain we were causing to them. However, we refused to let them go because we needed them, we are addicted to them, and we are convinced we won’t be able to find someone else that can really understand.


Often times, we fail to realize that we don’t want someone to move on with their lives because we’re too selfish! We are always looking for our own ways of serving ourselves. The malady of expectations from our partners is causing unwanted explosions in our lives. Our melancholia at 3 A.M. becomes a new routine. However, we won’t have our loved one by our side to console us when we are going through this pain.

We crave them and we want them. But it’s already too late! We let our guards down for them. However, in the end they betray us. This cycle of the constant need for validation is toxic. Even when we get past a relationship, we go back to it thinking we were someone this person once loved. This is so heartbreaking, I’m literally crying while writing this blog.

[Verse 2]

The constant gambling and taking a lot of risks in a relationship ruined Lewis’s relationship with his previous partner. This has caused them both to walk on separate paths. I mean we never consciously try and escape from something, or at least, I don’t. The singer wishes to fill the void created by this recent separation by something divine and spiritual. He wants it to be love, just love, and nothing else.

Even though it’s easy to crave something that had once excited us to be in a relationship with a person, the relationship failures make it harder to approach someone new and it’s even harder to make a move. At this phase in our lives, we don’t trust ourselves, we don’t see any worth of our lives. It’s a dark, very dark phase, where no one wants to reside, but everyone has to reside there, at least once in a lifetime! We’ve all been there. Nothing will ever remain the same even though we yearn for our previous experiences.


Is there a better way to deal with pain caused by a heartbreak? What else can you do other than reflect upon the good times you’ve had with this person you once loved while desperately trying to fall asleep in the bed? You’d obviously play “Yesterday” by The Beatles to relate to the artist’s lives so that you’d feel like you’re not the only person in the world who has recently lost someone.

If none of these things work, you’d take a pillow and hug it to ease your temptation to be with your previous partner. You’d constantly think about this person to the point where you start dreaming of her and you’d talk to her about the pain you’ve been going through. This would be the one and only way of communicating with your previous partner since she wouldn’t pick up your calls.

Conclusion: Someone You Loved Meaning

Guys, I’m feeling extremely sad while I’m writing this piece. Show me some love in the comment section below after you’re done reading this. What do you think of the meaning behind the lyrics of “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi? Don’t forget to show some love!

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi on Genius in detail.


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