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Mac Miller ‘Good News’ Lyrics Meaning Shows His Hopeful Side


Mac Miller – Good News Lyrics Meaning

‘Good News’ is the first official release since his passing away in September of 2018. This is the first song from Miller’s first seemed online on the 1st of September 2019 as well. At that point, the song was gossiped to be a portion of an undisclosed program that Miller was supposedly grinding on at around the time of the release of his fifth studio album Swimming in August 2018. The song was later disclosed, along with a coexisting music video, and ultimately verified that this song was to be on his posthumous album, Circles, on the 9th of January 2020. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Good News’ by Mac Miller.

Introduction: Good News Lyrics

In the song, Miller talks about several of the same topics discerned on his previous album, Swimming. The rapper communicates on sensing no truce from pessimistic sentiments in life. Miller expresses his interest in simply expecting to receive some good news in the center of all the unfavorable elements he had been going through. The music video of the song stars clips of Miller recording music. On top of that, there are elements to many animated nature scapes portraying the optimistic aspects of the world that Miller wants to find for himself in the song.

Good News Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Good News’ by Mac Miller section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The late rapper Mac Miller seemed to be having introspective episodes with himself time and again. This could have been triggered by his excessive use of illicit d***s, however. Even while doing his chores, he is dreaming of certain things that aren’t real. Or maybe we could interpret this as Miller being creative and dreamy in his art. The rapper’s life was a tough one and he had been living his whole life with a lot of regrets. Everyone around him, his family, his friends as well as his fanbase was supportive of him and everyone wanted him to stay. However, he hated to have been clung by somebody else’s expectations to live his life.

Mac Miller has had many cards to be dealt with. However, he just wanted his life to revolve around him and be surrounded with hopefulness rather than clinginess imposed upon his celebrity lifestyle. However, he just didn’t want to simply put it and leave because he was the nicest person one could ever meet. So as to give what people wanted from him, Miller was always there for them. Instead of running away from everyone and living his life by himself, he has apologized to make people around him feel better about the situation that they are in even when he had no mistakes whatsoever. What a humble person!


In the chorus section of the song, Mac Miller shows his hopeful side. Miller didn’t always like listening to the stories of people that have loved him, which were usually always sad and heartbreaking. All he had been yearning for his whole life was to hear some good news and just that considering how his life was turning around post-breakup with Ariana Grande. However, there had always been people who wanted to see Mac Miller’s popularity to be wiped away. But he proved everything to be wrong as his legacy of music is something that is going to stay for quite a while.

[Verse 2]

The meaning in the lyrics from the second verse of ‘Good News’, in a nutshell, is that we should be satisfied with what we have no matter what and Mac Miller might just be the perfect person to tell this to us. Even though Miller was blessed with fortune, he was the most humble person you’d have ever met. His philosophy is nothing is bad, everything can be 100 times worse instead.

Sometimes, this thought can slow you down from being productive as it might give you a wrong notion of existentialism with thoughts like “Why do I need to do all the work that is not going to matter anyway?” I mean, he isn’t wrong. However, everything that we call ‘the truth’ might not actually be ‘the truth’. So, we’ve got to be careful with choosing the type of people we wish to be around.

[Verse 3]

There are elements to deeper thoughts filled with hopefulness in the lyrics of the third verse of ‘Good News’. Mac Miller always knew something good was on his way. For him, death was the best thing coming to him. You guys hate me for saying this. However, he was a troubled person. At least he is resting in peace at the moment.

Past his untimely demise on the 7th of September 2018, Mac Miller was attaining an all-time career-high. His career was at the peak with his critically acclaimed and commercially victorious album Swimming. This album had paved a way for a long career for him. However, he was only 26 years during the time of his unexpected death. These scary lyrics in the third verse just show us the level of hopefulness he had for his future and his career. Miller was revealing his interest to explore his future and take everything the life gives him.

Conclusion: Good News Lyrics Meaning

Mac Miller had been showing optimism throughout the lyrics of the song ‘Good News’. He was hopeful to see what better things were on his way. In the end, he received death. It isn’t bad considering the fact that he was living in a very bad mental space. At least now, he is resting in peace. Rest in peace, legend! What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Good News’ by Mac Miller? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Justin Trout

    Man. . . He is not wanting to hear good news, its less simple. “Good news, good news, good news is all they ever want to hear. No, They don’t like it when I’m down” He’s saying that all the people around him (his friends/family, music industry people, paparazzi/media, fans/haters, etc) can’t stand to see(or accept him & maybe offer to help) him down/depressed, sleeping all day, not at his best or at least what they deem that to be and so they hound him to be better like it is such an easy thing to accomplish in a split second. So that part is covered but then you get the line “But when I’m flying it make them so uncomfortable” and it sounds like he’s saying they don’t like to see him when he is at his best or “flying” but if read the underlying message and you can tell he is talking about him being on an abrupt upswing in his state of being or rather a manic episode and how these people around him get uncomfortable during those moments which is generally what happens with people around someone who is manic depressive or at least shows signs and has some extreme ups and downs. ” So different, what’s the difference?” Seems to point to how the ups are different than the downs but yet aren’t exactly normal for most people so they don’t know how to take it and tend to shy away from being around someone who has those times. Not that they want to abandon the person maybe but more or less are scared of what’s different and so it’s easier to run then to face it head on and learn so that growth can be had. This goes back to the “good news is all they want to hear” line, you see, they don’t want to cut him completely out but don’t want to hear about anything unless it is ” good news”. He also hints alot at his self deprecating ways with lines like “I can’t seem to stay out of my way” which eludes to his level of manic depressive qualities because we that suffer from this tend to see ourselves as the biggest issue and hurdle in life and that we feel we constantly cause problems for not just ourself but the whole world. Also the line about saying sorry so much and not knowing why half the time, is extremely representative of manic depression. Constantly feeling you need to apologize to everyone for everything and never truly knowing why except for the deep down feeling that you screwed up in someway and so must make it right. Be it apologizing to your mom for the pain she felt giving birth or to the Bus driver for the car that cut him off or the record producer that is working with you but could be working with someone “better” or more talented are all examples of the stupid things someone with this issue might say sorry for even though it’s not needed or remotely true. Anyways, sorry for the long comment and all but I just really relate to these lyrics and so felt like I should share

    1. Miss you Mac

      Thank you man. I totally agree with you

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