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Machine Gun Kelly Asks ‘why are you here’ – Lyrics Meaning


Machine Gun Kelly Asks ‘why are you here’ Lyrics Meaning

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is back with a new song, just when everyone is saying his career is now over. Just the dusk before the track was released, MGK was on Twitter just to irritate his lovers. Then, the rapper was ultimately disclosing the single’s title. Even though MGK is known to be a rapper, he is adapting himself to a rockstar lately. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘why are you here’ by Machine Gun Kelly (MGK).

On this latest song which easily gets into your head, MGK has forsaken the hip-hop beats that got him to where he is today. He has completely relinquished the rapping behind in this song. There’s a sweet guitar harmony, bass, and drums. Basically, every component that makes up a piece of regular rock music is there. It doesn’t end there. HE IS SINGING and his vocal is supported by some chants in the ballads.

Introduction: why are you here Lyrics MGK

MGK can rap when he wants to. However, in recent days, the rapper seems remotely more inclined to articulate himself as a rockstar. This explains why he has an electric guitar in his hands lately. He might have turned away a part of his fan-base as a result of his feud with Eminem and that was foreseen. However, you cannot refute the fact that this artist is skillful.

MGK’s story is one of sadomasochistic love. The song is about the quest of a lethal companion who gives absolutely nothing in the manner of romance. Obviously, there are a few privileges to such an interpretation. But it sounds as if he is trying too hard to sound like a rockstar.

why are you here Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘why are you here’ by Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) section-wise.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Outro/ Post-Chorus]

Even though the former rapper doesn’t want to see his romantic interest, they often bump into one another time and again. They had already made it very clear to one another that they cannot be anything more than just friends. However, every time they see each other, they get into having fun just to regret it later. This kind of unhealthy boundary between the rapper and his romantic interest makes him say “we cannot be just friends” and it’s true.

[Verse 1]

The rapper always needs to prepare himself cause he can see his toxic partner at any time. When MGK is around her, he cannot help himself. The urge that he once had for her comes back even when he wants to have no problem with her whatsoever. He cannot help himself when he is around her and then goes the thrill. Both of them act as if they hate each other. But in reality, both of them have a certain degree of affection to one another and it will always stay that way.


MGK tries to show his masculinity off by calling himself “a demon in the night”. He isn’t the type of lover to turn off the lights to have fun and chill around. The rapper always wants her to know that she is gifted and she is beautiful. He keeps the lights on just to convince her that she owns beauty in her. MGK then would proceed to put her clothes back on, basically fantasizing about a relationship between the fairy tales of beauty and sadism.

[Verse 2]

Even though MGK is has been involved in a romantic relationship with her time and again, he knows he cannot have her as both of them are unhealthy for each other. He wishes to cry and numb down his pain with puffs of smoke by literally intoxicating himself. MGK feels sick to his tummy whenever he sees her with someone else. Both of them are lying to one another saying they don’t need one another but they are just trying to prove they are the best for one another but in an unhealthy manner.


The relationship is complicated in this song. First of all, she finds MGK cheating on her. Then, he finds her cheating on him. Both of them cannot forgive one another but then again they both come to a point of just being friends. This hasn’t worked out for obvious reasons.

Conclusion: why are you here Meaning MGK

Have you ever been in such a complicated relationship? If yes, how is/ was your experience with it? What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘why are you here’ by Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)? Do you like the way the singer is heading towards musically? Let us know in the comments section below.

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