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What Does Madison Beer ‘Selfish’ Lyrics Meaning Tell Us?


Madison Beer – Selfish Lyrics Meaning

We know Madison’s album is approaching its release date. She has recently released a song titled ‘Selfish’ which is the second single dropped from Madison’s forthcoming debut record. The singer substantiated the track from a tweet on Twitter. On the 10th of February, she released another teaser on her Twitter, which was pursued by the Beer dropping a new music video on Valentine’s Day, February the 14th. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Selfish’ by Madison Beer.

Introduction: Selfish Lyrics Madison Beer

The track ‘Selfish’ is remarkable because it’s so empty and sentimental. Beer has disseminated previously that her forthcoming record will be reflecting, not scared to examine the murky fractions of her efforts. On the track, ‘Selfish’ Beer permits her guard to be down. At the same time, she demonstrates to be simply as an influential entertainer when she’s damaged as when she’s dishing out powerful anthems.

Selfish Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Selfish’ by Madison Beer section-wise.

[Verse 1]

The guy she was in a relationship with is now a lost cause for her. She wonders how can he ever get out of the guilt from the constant emotional abuse she was used to getting from him. Now that his name is crossed off from her list of people she loves, she looks a bit concerned as to how will he take care of his emotional well-being now that she is not there for him anymore. She was with him for two years and she was never happy with him. But she kept giving him chances. However, now that she is all alone, she is questioning her decision on the New Year Day.

[Pre-Chorus/ Post-Chorus/ Bridge]

The singer invariably needs to mend people/and or connections. However, it is virtually self-sabotage. She wishes to alleviate the emotional well-being of this person. But all the difficulties they confront on a daily basis and the toxic environment in their relationship makes it almost impossible. Often times, she forgets that she’s not responsible for his emotional distress. She feels sick because of his self-contained issues. It’s next to impossible to help someone when you’re affected by their issues.


Even though she was aware of the fact that she shouldn’t love this person, she couldn’t help but wonder if he’s never actually felt what love really feels like. This is why she gave him all of her despite knowing the fact that he was super selfish and self-absorbed. She simply believed that she is capable of changing him. By the help of the song, Madison is giving guidance for others that have newly gone through the series of heartbreak.

[Verse 2]

Madison feels as though he gave her real love without realizing how narcissistic he was. Their love was just limited to the nightclubs and there was nothing deeper than that. He showed her another side of his and he was always two-faced when it came to showing any kind of affection to her. Meanwhile, she calmly asks him who is he running from? Is he running from the commitment issue or from his own problems? Madison wanted to help him with his issues cause she knows he can’t deal with them all by himself. But now, it’s too late.

Conclusion: Selfish Meaning Madison Beer

It is always merciful to give yourself into the curl of suffering. However, it is valuable to grab yourself and think about the next two years of your life without him in it. Visualize the negative things that weren’t working out and why it’s better for you to be walking away with self-respect. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Selfish’ by Madison Beer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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