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Stay Motivated With Normani – Motivation Lyrics Meaning


Normani – Motivation Lyrics Meaning

Normani is back with a number one single once again co-written by Ariana Grande! Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of this brand new single, Motivation, by Normani.


The aesthetically powerful visuals and authentic voice has given a new sense of respect to this single.

Let’s dive into learning the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Motivation’ by Normani section-wise!

Motivation Lyrics Meaning

Let’s see what Normani has for us in this track!


Let’s start off from the meaning behind the lyrics in Intro section of ‘Motivation’ by Normani.

The intro section highlights human nature. People have bad days. But a bad day shouldn’t replace your motivation.

The fuel you have in yourself should be burnt completely without having the fear of missing out in life.

Normani is trying to motivate the people in her life that have forgotten to burn the fuel in them lately.

Her love interest is seemingly lacking motivation in his life. Therefore, she is there for him to refuel his tank of motivation by her beautiful body.

[Verse 1]

The verses are full of Ariana Grande vibes, let me be honest with you.

The meaning behind the lyrics in the first verse of Motivation by Normani could be a little tricky.

Normani is trying her best to make her love interest forget about his bad day. She is trying to be cute for him with a hope that he forgets about his day.

Even though they seem a little off in their relationship sometimes, Normani is determined to save her relationship with her present love interest.


Instead of fighting with her love interest, Normani understands the consequences of it and hence she avoids it at all cost.

Instead, she prefers going physical with her love interest. They’d rather be romantic and forget about a bad day.

[Verse 2]

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of Motivation by Normani in the second verse.

The singer tries her best to open up with her love interest in this verse.

They are in bed and they are talking about the bad day they’ve had. However, she is turning a bad situation into something productive for their relationship.

Even though the world thinks her love interest is bad on a particular day, Normani tells us that he is the best boy for her.

Her love interest didn’t have a bad day. The day had a bad him. But Normani doesn’t mind.

She seems ready to cheer up her man in their bed. HOW SWEET!


Try to have a cute and meaningful relationship with other people.

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